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Darn! Too late, somebody got it. (no, not me, I didn't tell, Captain) :( *NM*

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Are you ready to go home to 5D Earth?(GREAT Video)
Depends......... maybe i thought of trying 2D for a while and then playing the rest by beer....... *NM*
Ya never know .... a little bit of lower 3D and a little bit of upper 2D could be evolution when considering collectivism. *PIC*
Strange devices you have! What is it? A Rectal Appliance? :O A Flamethrower? :( *NM*
I have no idea either. Maybe we should ask for clarity from the poster?
Yes, agreed. I'm so scared by this gadget. Maybe it's a 'sewerage spy drone' that creeps thru the toilet flusher at night? :O *NM* *PIC*
Hmmm....... no one's getting any vibes off it? *NM*
Dah Obviously NOT! o we give up; what's it? *NM*
Pssst! Got it, Captain. Of course, promise is, won't tell anybody. Trusted! ;) *PIC*
Darn! Too late, somebody got it. (no, not me, I didn't tell, Captain) :( *NM*
sorry, should say HIDE ** ***, beg your pardon *NM*
Should say HIDE replacing Where'd? *NM*
should I take $$ instead of SS? - your answer appreciated :) *NM* *PIC*
or better hide this way? *NM* *PIC*
Who the hell wants a "CONCRETE"+++++- Vibrator? So yes I figured it out when I checked the image location....... BUT it is Ok, not to fret - it seems our "Friend" in the below post enjoyed viewing it. *LINK*
you mean a concrete Dild"O" *NM*
methinks it's for the 'deep frozen' tarted up 'blue stockings' with a 'heart of stone' *PIC*
yes, enjoying watching it...good info for the new year
LOL !! too funny ... I was actually speaking of the initial video posted !! Not that machinery thing!!
We know ... we were just playing with ya :D *NM*
Too funny...made me laugh pretty thank you! *NM*
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