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Karen Update 6/23/2009

Sore Feet and Instant Manifestations
June 23, 2009


Post solstice and new moon. Are there any ramifications and has anything changed?

Because the solstice of the 21st served to anchor us into the earth more fully, and thus, create a new space for many of us as the official and rightful caretakers and creators of the new reality and new earth, some interesting manifestations have begun to occur.

Unusual foot pain, discomfort in the feet, aching, burning, nerve sensations, or perhaps a bruised feeling…all in the feet, are common symptoms of a new anchoring in and grounding to the earth. Lower leg discomfort can occur as well. We are pulling much energy into the earth now, and holding it there, and our feet and lower legs are working over-time.

But there are other interesting manifestations as well.

The immediate manifestation energy has returned with a gusto. Have a simple thought or desire, and it can manifest almost instantly, or at least within a few hours. So many things have shown up for me in the last few days, and in such an unmistakable way of immediate manifestation, that I finally had to declare, “O.K. universe. If this is what we are finally doing, then I would like this, and this, and this…..!” And almost immediately, everything arrives.

We have successfully broken through a new barrier, if only piece by piece. Our new residency and new space is now available, but there are still some interesting glitches and situations occurring as well. There is still present, a knowing and awareness that not everyone is taking this opportunity. Some have not yet woken up, are not yet ready to move ahead, have not yet opened and surrendered to something new, have not yet let go and given up, and are thus, still in the dark. Because most of us have enormous hearts and want everyone there with us, a part of us can lovingly stay back and try with all our loving hearts to usher others forward still. Most of us really do not want to leave our loved ones behind. But know that they will find their way in time, and we will be re-united once again.

In this way, we may still have one foot in one reality, and the other foot in another reality. You will know this to be true if you are experiencing enormous highs and incredible joy at one moment, and then suddenly, a severe drop in your energy with feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, and great pain in other moments. Feeling highly emotional when something wonderful happens, with great gratitude, is yet another example. “I think I am going to cry!” along with “This makes me so emotional!” can end up almost being new mantras.

Many of us have spent months preparing for this time of departure by letting go of everything possible, either voluntarily or not. Being tethered to anything that is “back there,” will most certainly hold us back and tie us down. We absolutely have to be free and clear, with no connecting energy lines to the old in order to move across the dimensional border. If enough of us choose to stay and support, or stay and encourage energies “back there” in coming ahead, then the critical mass will not be reached, and our experience of crossing over will be diminished or at least lessened to some degree.

But as always, it is up to us, as we are the ultimate creators. So then, there is a real mish mosh occurring right now, but again, as always, things are in divine and perfect order none-the-less.

Other manifestations of reaching the “other side?” An exciting greeting party arrives. For me, they came in non-physical form…a gathering of souls so excited to have a new resident. And these souls that have already been living on the other side, so highly revere the new arrivals, as they know that we will be an integral link and connection to the old world, in order to bring more souls across and to serve humanity as the angels of the earth. The new arrivals (us), have a more direct connection to the old world as we are the closest on the ascension ladder to where we have just departed.

After breaking through the barrier, great joy can be present, along with a very new feeling of finally being able to open once again. Simply going outside and opening our arms wide to all that nature has to offer, can feel so good once again! And re-connecting to nature in a very new way feels absolutely divine. Yes, we can finally go out again.

Piece by piece, we have been led to our very new roles and new places in this very new land. The closer we come to reaching our new space, the more the pieces begin to connect and to make some real sense. And after we finally receive the big message of our new roles, or rather connect to the newness, everything snowballs and begins to manifest very rapidly.

Other manifestations? I have never received so much mail from Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands as I have received in recent months. These northerly countries are opening rapidly now, and holding a very special space for the new world. With a very high vibration, one of my readers in times past felt that these countries represented the crown chakra of the new world, and I whole heartedly concur. Just reading the energy in these letters feels magnificent indeed, and know as well, that every area on the globe has its own specific energy and role.

The relationships between the African-American and Caucasian races are also beginning to mend and heal. This is happening quite rapidly now, and feels very magical indeed. It is amazing to see this new energy unfolding as if by magic. And Iran, is of course, experiencing great movement and change as well.

What if you are one who is experiencing very little of the new described above, and not having much in the way of rapid manifestations?

Letting go of any resentment is vitally important if we are to move forward. If we can accept that we agreed to move into lower vibrating situations in order to bring in more light, and were there-fore misled so that we would indeed go, and know that we are now very done with that, and that it was necessary at the time, then it can be easier to let go and move forward. Continuing to hold resentment and negativity can keep us back.

Surrender is also key to arriving in a new place, and I know that many of you are surrendering very well. Our new roles and new spaces may not be what we would have ever imagined for ourselves. But if we choose to surrender and accept what is being revealed to us, and if it feels fairly good and fairly right, if even as a big step or quite a stretch for us, in the end, we will look back and be so very glad that we agreed to accept what was being revealed to us, and what we have been asked to do.

Our souls are always at the helm. They always, but always serve as the beacon that guides us to our next step, or rather, to the new place that we had determined before our birth this time around. We are going into very new territory now. We are rapidly and swiftly moving into the positions of our soul purpose. In this way, much of our ego or controlling selves needs to be out of the way, or at least willing to accept something very new and different. Resistance from a lower vibrating, controlling, or angry ego can wreak havoc with this process. It is time to step up to the plate, as we are now holding much more energy of the light and holding as well, the new blueprints for the very new planet earth.

This then, leads us to the next phase. Many are receiving information that it is finally time to create communities on pieces of land. With nothing much left and nothing much to hold onto, the time is finally here. The desire in many is strong now. Their vision is strong, and this is because it is finally time. Heaven’s Gate describes in great detail this process of creating the new and how it will unfold. Residing in Heaven on the one hand (the new communities), while offering our services to those asking on the dimensional border (our new roles), places us in two realities. In this way, we will really come to know how to navigate these waters with ease, if we are to be effective in fulfilling our roles.

This past November I announced the sale of my land here in New Mexico. I was needing a bigger parcel and thus, knew I had to sell my current piece of 8 ½ acres (for those of you who have been asking, yes, it is still for sale). The new land I have purchased has some very unusual energy, and will be for a specific purpose relating to the new Earth Angels who are leading the way, but it is not yet time to announce its full purpose quite yet. Fully connecting to this purpose and beginning the creation of this space, has resulted in great support from the non-physical realms and a full speed ahead experience for sure. The star beings and angels are very involved and I am very excited as well.

I tell you this because I know that many of you will be, or are already having, similar experiences relating to spaces you wish to create for the new residencies. These new spaces will be different for everyone, and will look different for everyone, but will come from the memories and re-connections to our souls and our soul purposes. (When I begin speaking, I will be revealing the blueprints for these spaces, and some other things as well, as this information will only serve to validate what many of you already know or have envisioned.)

So then, many will be guided to or even gifted with parcels of land in times to come. And in addition, the skills and knowledge of so many will be utilized to support and create these very special spaces. In this way, the loneliness and separation many of us have felt for so long, will begin to rapidly dissipate. If we can choose to be willing to open once again, just who and what we need will most certainly arrive for us in an effortless way.

This new scenario described above is rapidly opening now and almost like a freight train, moving into our spaces with great force and magical energy. It is as if something very powerful and knowing is at the helm, making sure things manifest in all ways perfect. In this way, we will feel support as never before, and support as well for our store-fronts.

As we begin connecting to our new roles and new spaces, the manifesting energy begins to snowball. Our new roles and new spaces may simply be waiting patiently for us to find them, and maybe even wondering where we are. If you are not particularly good at speaking to the non-physicals and asking questions, or perhaps feeling blocked because the space of no space can be so challenging, you can always ask for a sign or for this information to be revealed to you in an unmistakable way. What we need to know usually arrives for us in ways that we can relate to, or in ways that are the easiest for us to receive.

So now, after having experiences in the past of being invisible, dis-respected, and treated poorly, we will be having just the opposite. I have experienced new respect and new reverence as never before in the past few weeks and months, but know as well, that I will accept nothing less. Anything otherwise, I will refuse to participate in or acknowledge. And this, sigh, is the way of staying in the higher vibrations. I am sure many of you are experiencing the same.

When these new higher vibrating spaces begin to open for us, they feel so divine with so much love ever present, it is like being in another reality entirely.

The day before the solstice I was babysitting my newly year old twin grandsons, as my grandaughter was having a swim party for her ninth birthday, which is on the solstice. Just the three of us, the twins are now trying to stand on their own, and are very accomplished at crawling. Crawling into my lap (we were all on the floor), they would hug and kiss me, wrap their bodies around me, smile with smiles, joy, and delight that lit up the room, and then crawl away for some exploring. Soon they would return for more re-connecting and love and hugs and more big smiles and kisses. With tears streaming down my face, I believed I had arrived in Heaven. The higher vibrations of these new little ones, their ways of connecting, their ways of communicating telepathically, and simply, just their energy is something to experience indeed. I am so very blessed…and they are in physical form! The natural joy they possess is truly amazing.

For a long while, there was a huge angelic being standing in the living room at their home, and Solomon would repeatedly crawl over to where he was and look up at him. This went on for weeks. He was obsessed! All of us saw this being so many times, that we began to say “excuse me” when we needed to walk through him. Immediately preceding the big cross-over on the solstice, my star companion was at my side 24/7 as well. These loving companions serve to “guard” us while we are in transition. I have seen this many times. We are always protected during our process. And when we are in a very critical transition, such as this most recent one, we are always more vulnerable than normal, and thus, need some very extra protection.

But now we are safe once again, while we are residing in a new reality, and when we are visiting the old world, we need only vibrate love while at the same time choosing to ignore any lower vibrating energies that may surround us. Yes, we are finally here in a new space with great support, and does it feel divine!

(Would we have ever guessed that vibrating higher would mean that we can no longer spell or have good grammar? Thanks to so many of you for writing about your similar experiences and thus, validating my own!)

With much love and gratitude,


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