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Re:Thank you.

Yes, I see you do understand my comments on how this World has taken us all to the edge of the cliff. Thank you for understanding. I wish with all my heart there was a place for us all to go where there is no more dark evil actions and we could all live together in a peaceful manner and respect each other for whom we really are, not what we may have materially or what letters we may have added to our name because of our schooling. A place where the innocent ones, children and animals are safe and could run and play without any harm, happy and free. A place of no destruction, war, lies, deceit, hate, suffering, poverty, disease, etc. Thanks for you video, Yes I do understand too. Blessings.

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what was she talking about? *PIC*
Re: what was she talking about? ...... To ALL the TNT NUTTERS!! *LINK*
HAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! This World has fried all our brains some a little more than the other. God help us all!!!! *NM*
pleeeeze some more of theeese btw "at night it's colder than outside" gottit? *PIC*
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! RIGHT ON ! We're all losing our minds in this CRAZY ride. *NM*
Re: what was she talking about? *PIC*
Re:Thank you.
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