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just connected a dot VITAL *PIC*
In Response To: the bonus ()

see the ribbon under the pyrimid's mason or money or trenity or eye or ra or what ever you wish to establish this of
into the notradamous drawing
in the following video as my drawings coenside with his as I have never seen his up until now
disclosed to the profile of my www.bbsradio.com/brightlightspathfinders/
back in dec 2007 until molked by a dr and decided others were not ready for these codes
so I took my journals off
the post of my continuousl changing profile for ever
(copying the mawkers mawkings and various family documents out of their seemingly avaitor airplane license when one solos in a cessna 210 or a piper etc the shirt tail is cut off etc)

*** the hard copy is withheald and nothing is on this mac as one can very well see now***

here you wil now see the resemblance

look .49 secs into the video
now note in the drawing not only the ribbon as to the balance of the
weigh thingeys that as well are on money and used to weigh gold

there ya have it
how am I doing thus far

not putting in the brightlightspathfinders search this name then type in 7667667
see the scorpion
scorpion flame
etc in his work as well
never mind
it takes a very deep person to follow along with me
oh ya
I am the NNNNNNNNNNutz
one on the board
to funny
and varous others neuton huum
all the genious are thought this way
spell check
what eva
do what you wish
this is a copy

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the bonus
just connected a dot VITAL *PIC*
just connected a dot VITAL *PIC*
great job - every step like a chord with a harmonic resonant tone - thx :)
this ones for you ...number one completion 7
Pardon me for butting in, But, very interesting post. I had a dream last night which I was shown a Huge number 7....
cosmos dream of 7
Thank you so very much!
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