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this ones for you ...number one completion 7


Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use - H
A signal having a frequency which is a harmonic (sense 1) of the fundamental ... Heat can be measured in terms of the dynamical units of energy, as the erg, ... is excluded from the meaning of this definition. heavenly body = celestial body. Heaviside layer = E-layer. heavy cosmic-ray primaries: The positively ...
er.jsc.nasa.gov/seh/h.html - Cached - Similar


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prophetic codes written in journal
number one
number 2 qul
Re: number 3 quail= equal
Re: number 4 quam
Re: number 5 EQ
Re: number 6 code signal Jesus Master Mason
the bonus
just connected a dot VITAL *PIC*
just connected a dot VITAL *PIC*
great job - every step like a chord with a harmonic resonant tone - thx :)
this ones for you ...number one completion 7
Pardon me for butting in, But, very interesting post. I had a dream last night which I was shown a Huge number 7....
cosmos dream of 7
Thank you so very much!
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