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The ultimate secret of the Empire???

People freaked out when they saw steam coming from a car’s think not at its best! Cars and trucks are in everyone’s world. We touch them, feel them, drive them, buy and sell them, etc. etc. We understand them. What’s with the worry? Answer is...”they” aren’t thinking.

In light of the video at the link above, one can only imagine the chaos if ETs showed themselves. Well actually... maybe we can’t imagine the chaos. No wonder world governments think they need to be in control... I can’t fault them for their opinion. And ponder this...if and when the ETs do show up, how do we determine if they are for real or not some government black ops? The US government is supposed to have such advanced technologies that most of us wouldn’t believe them if we saw them. What can unlimited budgets, unlimited access to brain power produce? Would you inform the people? Did you realize that waaaay back when the first Europenas landed in North America the natives could not see the boats that had crossed the ocean...they had no terms of reference! When one or two natives began to see the boats, suddenly everyone could see them. Perhaps that holographic dynamic will work for ETs and their ships? (It explains why working on ourselves will change the world.)

I like the motto of one of the first web sites I ever came across... “Everything You Know Is Wrong!” It is likely a true statement. Perhaps we consciously need to really, really relax...and watch the unfolding as objective observers.

I do see the benefit of knowing if we are in someone's food chain!

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The Global Crisis and the ultimate secret of the Empire *LINK*
The ultimate secret of the Empire???
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