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Ben Fulford Update 6/22/2009, Poofness Update Report 6/21/2009, Guess we just have to gather little pieces from each maybe to get the understanding of the BIG picture. Who knows, crazy wild ride.IMHO

Ben Fulford Update June 22, 2009

The US dollar is now back on the gold standard but Federal Reserve dollars are not

Large amounts of gold once stored in South-East Asia have been shipped around the world to provide physical backing for US dollars, meaning the dollar has been secretly put back on the gold standard. However, all dollars created by the Federal Reserve Board since September 2008 are not being accepted outside of the United States. This means the banking families that own the BIS have made a deal with the secret society. However, there are now 1 billion people going hungry world-wide and if something is not done about that situation ASAP, then heads will start to roll regardless of Basel 3 and the gold-backed currencies.



Poofness Events Update June 21/09
Greetings and Salutations;

Well, true to form, we ran another week, as we are arriving at the end of this soap opera. Now some folks are acting like going to a metal backed banking system, again, is some long protracted experience. You folks who are fond of telling me, I keep repeating myself, need to remember, I told you we were headed there in the first place. Fiat system shelf life is only about 70 years tops anyhow. JFK, tried to put us back on metal and they took him out, the insiders know they shot Reagan for the same reason. Heaven forbid, the country return to it's constitutional roots.

Of course, anyone who's read the 'Creature from Jekyll Island' has a full grasp of what's going down here. The lease ran out on march of 08 and it was not being renewed. It wouldn't have mattered who became president in the fall, all this was going to happen anyhow and all this mess was going to be dealt with, one way or another.

All these programs provided the base to move onto the new system, the new global banking system, which would be metal backed, like the good old days. Tho these bankers attended the come to jesus meeting in brussels in 03, when the protocols were laid out, a number of them conspired to create a mess, called derivitives, thinking this would make the powers hand all these program funds over to them for survival purposes, the old 'too big to fail' syndrome.

Never did they think beyond their selfish arrogance and have a clue, the dragon was watching. Let me specify, when I say dragon, in no way am I referring to the chinese gov. I speak of the ancient bloodline, which flows from the east to the west. The very same people who told the rothschilds to kill the fed. The american problem is, no one told them, why the fed is no longer a banking system running across the planet. All they are seeing is smoke and mirrors thrown at them, giving them the impression, it's still operating as it did during the 20th century. The bankers attached to it all those years, have found themselves abandoned, and left to fend for themselves.

These 'powers' given the fed, are no more than basel 2/3 compliancy rules, but no one told you about that either, so it looks like the fed is being taken to a new and grander level. Not...bernanke is doing whatever geithner is telling him to do, because what may be unknown to you right now is, constitutionally, only the treasury runs banking in this country. You should have been paying closer attention when paulson was in there because he was the guy telling bernanke what to do, even as he tried taking care of all his buddies on wall st as everything was falling apart.

All this stuff started hitting the fan when the big chinese delegation came over here a couple of years ago, when they pulled the constitutional treasury out of mothballs, meeting in baltimore since the 30's, and started doing their minutes under the supreme court.

Since all these messengers have failed to tell you and instead put all their attention on telling you obama is our problem and quite the chicago gangster. Of course, how you become the leader of this country living in south side chicago playing b-all on the streets and having no comprehension of the territory by the masses, makes some of the crap thrown out here, really look stupid. Bad Bad Leroy Brown is a real analogy of south side chicago, in case you don't know, yea, been there too. So the idea that obama 'passed out' when some folks came into the wh, made me laugh. I have many of the same characteristics of personality as he does and I don't pass out no matter what's thrown at me. Dragon's don't feint, especially when defending a family!

The meat here is, the treasury is loaded to the gills with funds to go out and fund all kinds of stuff and none of it coming out of the people for taxes. The orginal tax money(twice) was sent over here when bush was still president, on condition he'd get out of the way of deliveries, and that money would be liquid, spendable. He didn't, so it still sits there waiting for deliveries to be done.

The count I have on All that the us treasury is sitting on is staggering and knowing a little secret I have, obama doesn't need any of it, he's already been taken care of for getting the mess out of the way. An offer given to junior but turned down for 'family loyalty'. He shot himself in the foot for daddy. I thought junior was suppose to be 'shrewd'.

One more fact, getting missed here, brussels has the power to pull the international charters of any us banks not basel 2/3 compliant. Who ya gonna blame for that? Obama can't help, this is international business and the rest of the banks in the world are already compliant!

Fulford has you looking at Oct, when he needs to have you looking at July 1. However, I realize 'they' only want certain things out here and so he has a habit of putting 'time' in stuff, a lot of times not saying things that have already been done.

The new currency has already been printed, we are already gold backed, now announce this stuff and everyone can be sitting there with big O's in the middle of their faces as the new system flashes across the world and the money flows.

This is at the heart of what was going on in russia, no one wants to wait for us baby bankers to clean their diapers and get on with it, grow up!

This coming week, a few days actually, the rubber hits the road. They are either on line or they aren't, no one will wait any longer. This is not going to be pleasant, so take care of your business, the stock market is going to crash hard! They wipe out the fed res note. The smoke and mirrors being used is to prevent panic in the masses.

I have found, people who followed my advice a long time ago, and did their homework, know and have gotten their own input. If I screw up, they have no problem 'advising' me, so don't think for a sec 'poofy' is sitting here making stuff up on the fly. At present, I get little 'advisories' on what I'm telling you. I must tell you, the people who are right 'in it' have their mouth's locked, phones are being bugged, so they will not jeopardize their own incoming money..again something said to me months ago that would happen at the time of the drops. Black outs are good news, not bad. I do not know, for a fact, the 'block' has been removed yet or not, tho I've heard both. The point remains that the banks responsible for that block proved to be insolvent, couldn't cough up what was needed. It'll be handled, no worries on that.

One more thing here, these 'channelers' keep mentioning me in their messages, and they better watch your step, I can tell already you have a roof and you aren't actually identifying me, even with the clues I've given you. Think this is some johnny come lately to the field, what if I told you I was looking down on top of your little world? I know a roof when I see it, now I dare you to let go and let GOD. I'm not going to call you out, I'm going to give you the opportunity to get your p's & q's in order. Clue, I don't Do limits! I am also no respector of man's laws and beliefs or their limitations.

Sorry folks, I just had to address this matter. I am really getting sick of all these fundimentalist of all persuasions, trying own the divine. Picture Jesus torturing people in your justifications of torture, Allah, killing people. IHWH being the monster you portray, Brahma not giving a rat's patoot what mankind does. No, you use the 'the devil' to defend your actions for acting ignorant, see how that works in the divine courts as a defense.

There's more going down here than simple delivery of your money, the world is going to flip on it's head. My messages have been about an advisory, to get everyone ready...push you beyond what you think is the limit. None of what I have said thru the years is really going to make sense until the package hits your hands, just do what I told you and all will be ok. I learned long ago, humans only do what needs being done when they are faced with a cliff and survival becomes paramount, whether they wear the finest of clothes or they are destitute beggars. The toilet still holds the power.

Happy new moon and summer solstice, watch for lightning bolts. Yea, one more time, consultations are being done and just email this address for getting one, you can use for donations, www.paypal.com account 2goforth@safe-mail.net

Love and Kisses;


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