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here is how she screwed up

i mention the pres name
she kept saying tell me about what happened etc
tell me leading the conv back to the night that the bottle was tipped to much
oh i didnt tell
i just love fishing for the minnows for my big fisheys bait

and it all started when the geographic move took place to change the addiction if one moves locations
though giving the -------- the phone line into my phone was the first signal
remember when one is brutalized all their life their fktard raid r is spraying the frequencys
for bugs

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2012 Cosmic alignment gives you 6 years to prepare, By Leo Zagami
Oh come on! Who is this LZ Guy, a Langley Zagami?
you have never seen me pissed and i warn you you don't want to... due to
thanks and this is a circle wrap
here is how she screwed up
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