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you have never seen me pissed and i warn you you don't want to... due to

this lion
just bitched out the fake ppl of my service provider
I am sick of the bull shit
I repete I am sick of the bull shit
do you care to do right
or wish me to throw you in to the hell
who am I talking to
no scanner will compute no printer every fkn puter in my home hacked since i met (NAME REMOVED PER REQUEST)
and the stupid group of -----1's
the win # lol thumbprint and the code into the puter i put in my guarded_angel file intenionally
and allowed pant lol app or rebecca from sunny brook farm to see
all the codes into the puter
I have a job to do

and you can type what i think all you wish
though listening with heart you can not do any more mind playing
dont play fucking stupid either
and get all rolly polly about my fucking word
I am sick of your trivial herassments
and here
you wish to hack the fbi
or cia
here raleigh
knows you are coming
i told them
funny the frequency just changed in my ears
you know i am the one to kick your fucking asses
and will so rightfully do so
tryin gto equal and balance this universe
though it seems to me total pure jesus light is the only way it will surfice
he stated he was coming down on the olive branch

huum huum
the oil post
and as well
ask the head "D" what and who I dreamed of with their head on a silver platter
in friggin real life
dominique will be here to morrow
the tw acct
and the wep yields
the keys
the provselfcare
u do it


go for it
cause if i search it you already have the history and etc
so why the fuck should i do anything for your lazy asses
bull shit
and master butterfly
you fucked up royally when you ask for my phone and cell providers
my god
I try and try to give you all chances

do what you will to this body with your shit
due to I will destroy you all even deeper in the spiritual evolved relm of my soul
the black and darkness no more
I am the brightlightspathfinders
understand and I place my foot upon this earth as a footstool
to rest upon
realize giving satin rule over this earth
do you figure I can not fight>>>>
time has arised as you have thrown the first stone
cast ye not the first stone
gifted_within is a perfect fuck up snitch
she goes under easially
you know when you fucked up royally
when I signed in on line and checked my bank acct
after I ask for a statement
and told lynn and thus
the little arrow went round and round
when trying to check the static of my high payment of something so full of bull shit
here you want to check spamcop
emergency security dept
919 513 7250
you wanted numbers
it isnt a secret ask officer ryan
here is remember i told you i as well have a 919 number
here have at this one
they are expecting the hacking


exposure time
and document this
try to kick me off or run me off any thing "D" and "D" and "D" and "D"
dadum on
i repete dadum on

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you have never seen me pissed and i warn you you don't want to... due to
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