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"The Guy From Boston" :D LMAO People's Voice! GREAT!! *PIC*

"he got the balls to shout what we're thinking"

Joe Ligotti

some after-think
to his CON-gress stink

Why are so many evident criminals pre-selected for the 'ew-knighted State's CON-gress?

Because what we know and what Boston Guy shouts out loud into the public is only the tip of the iceberg, and, the hidden parts below the sea's surface are those preserved for hidden blackmails by so-called lobbyists.

Nobody without dirt on one's hands
and plenty of shit in one's pants
will be allowed for a job
on Washington's top.

In con-cor-dance with
(allegedly faked Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion)

The Guy From Boston - Straighten Out The BullsHit



pssst, 'tellya a secret,
Alex J. got masterly company
or even straight forward better

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"They knew and didn't tell" The Risks of Genetically Modified Foods *LINK*
Another thing they know and are not telling,"The Guy From Boston"
b4 i read the link or even glance just want to say ... love your numbers dude ette *NM*
"The Guy From Boston" :D LMAO People's Voice! GREAT!! *PIC*
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