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this is starting to freak me out if I do not stay totally centered

I was my parents sacrifice
remember my daughters dogs name is Kain is not Abel
I ask mama yesterday for daddys sword that has imbeded messages with in the blade
he recieved at age 28 when reaching 33 degree mason

he quit after recieving the sword
and told me I could never reviel anything of what I know

my family...
I was raised till age 13 wiccan as well as christain
then like a brain wash
to forget all of all things
though I did not
no one in my family knew of the wiccan ways
but me out of my 5 siblings

the intensity of the home on 1300 queens road west
oh the wheel has something to do with it
as a sewing maching
I havent decifered yet
from Jesus
that wishes to save the world
to true light
not the angel of light

talk to the computer
33 degree freemason swords secret meaning
or 33 degree mason recieves sword with secret code

jesus ?
did he start the first masonary
with the corner stone that was disguarded
to build the pirimids in egypt
as the strong pillar
my archive 3 wks ago or was it 2
joseph being sold into slavery etc

to much info
need to rest
shut totally off
send energy

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