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thxalot big download from temporary gallery running

besides, Cathy, I'm on my way to install Quicktime for WIndows 2000, will see soon if it works.
btw, your recent Hawk & Rattle clip could not be watched directly on my current system, reason is, interestingly, my high security options don't allow to look up myspace or let run any myspace video,
the many backdoor freeloader connections when calling myspace are blocked intentionally by myself with the result that I'm not allowed to open the myspace websites, that's the way Murdoch denies/allows access. Solution was: I looked for the Hawk & Rattle clip via meta-search engine and found it on youtube, problem solved, no need to make dangerous admissions to myspace-dot-com.

Learning by Doing!

I'll come back.

on my mind
Summer Solstice
shortest night, plenty of light


A Midsummernight Concert in Vienna


André Léon Marie Nicolas Rieu (born October 1, 1949) is a Dutch violinist, conductor, and composer best known for creating an international revival in waltz music with his "Johann Strauss Orchestra". In April 2009 (Australia) /June 2009 (UK), he made a cameo appearance as himself on "Ramsay Street" in the long-running Australian soap opera Neighbours.


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The Bug and Planet X
Around the same time I stumbled upon this gecko clip
many throughs of threads will we v e upon this dancer
Dancer!!!!! I am uploading asap something out of one of my lol journal coded documentations
code 4 prints, check mail loveofasongbird@aol.com
thxalot big download from temporary gallery running
uploaded to the youtube the journals entry ... funny after I write it, I hardly review again
some problems, sorry *PIC*
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