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Health Freedom Alert-Take action BEFORE March 20 *LINK*

March 20 EPA COMMENT DEADLINE “regulating” Nano Silver & PETITION Link

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Comments to the EPA (From the Vitamin Lawyer Health Freedom Blog):

“…”internationalists” who want to see humanity culled by the “inevitable” pandemic
…..cannot succeed so long as a general immune system support nutrient exists around which dangerous pathogens cannot mutate. …. That protective nutrient is nano silver, in the presence of which none of the naturally deadly or even weaponized pathogens can survive. So it was to be expected that major attacks on silver would predate the actual start of the pandemic. Years ago the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, forbade any health claims about silver (through our Health Freedom Action eAlerts we have, however, made millions of people aware of the protective benefits of silver). And now the Environmental “Protection” Agency, the EPA, weighs in with potentially devastating regulations of topical uses (see docket EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0650)…….The current efforts to protect nano silver are clearly insufficient to withstand current and likely future attacks. ….nano silver is a perfect test case for our Health Freedom: with it, weaponized or naturally pandemic threats are reduced through safe, natural home remedies; silver solutions have been used for centuries by knowledgeable individuals. At the same time, pharmaceutical and medical control and profits are reduced. Without it, we are at the mercy of the weaponizers and of the profiteering habits of Big Pharma.
Nano silver is, in a very real sense, intimately connected with our collective and individual health, freedom, and perhaps, survival. We ask everyone to join us in telling the EPA to leave nano silver alone. This is yet another case where unnecessary government regulation is being forced on us, with “unintentional” dangerous results.

Listed below, these so-called "Consumer Organizations" are fronts for part of the larger (agenda) cabal petitioning the EPA to BAN nano silver:

Their Petition

Excerpt from their ANTI-health freedom petition:
“Yet scientists agree that nanoparticles are fundamentally different substances from their larger scale cousins and that nanomaterials can create new and unique health and environmental risks that need new forms of safety testing….. the petition calls on the agency to stop the sale of those nano-silver products currently on the market until the agency properly assesses their impacts.”

Natural News Article by Mike Adams
"EPA uses nanotech regulation ploy to target colloidal silver while ignoring all other nanotech particles"
"Isn't it interesting that the EPA chooses to completely ignore the environmental safety of all the millions of tons of pharmaceuticals flushed down toilets every year while selectively targeting silver products?" he said. "Why isn't the EPA concerned about the environmental toxicity of pharmaceuticals?"

Nano Silver: Toxic Only to Big Pharma's Bottom Line

For more on the real story of"forbidden cures", check out:

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Health Freedom Alert-Take action BEFORE March 20 *LINK*
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