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The Bug and Planet X

I have always known as to my documents and to various professors I have shown my theory to as explained to doctors in phil and psy. in such that "THE MONSTER" is the computer if not handled correctly.

In my time table charts though I will not disclose any again due to the insidious mawkings my coping though using a hand written notebook as to knock my unique ways down,
as I gave my sharings, ex. (my persay 'GREEN JOURNAL') thus even reading out of any color coded journal of ones choice at the beginning of my airing on this station one with 111% accuracy.... Not taken with what is intended as well as sharing a very important visionary prediction of prophetic dream with such evident unfoldings of this worlds rapid changes since the June mini tape...

I will only explain on this board and radio air waves an inkling of what will be and is happening
Planet X
does show itself
every day
the Mac
when one loads the soft ware for the very first time
is just that
a nubuli of the clock wise docile to open the galaxy to the X
in which marks the spot
the X is the mass of all of the purple starlit screen for many moments
as it speaks with its fonts up on the screen every language it is programed to hold
locating each country around the earths globe.

I predicted and stated in the early 80's yet in another journal and the very old cassett and real to real tapes that there would be a highway to open for information
calling this the information highway
as it is to open 1-23-93

The authencisity of the paper and ink thus my daughters dog "Kain is not Abel"
marked upon the entire red 3 ring notebook in which one will find such.

I called my very first documents """""THE"""""PATHFINDER""""""
My name given was from orion as Cache'
later intensly Y' Kee
instructed into Keygen

THe windows was thought to have the subliminal message flash within ones view of the evil demonic dragon
at start up
with the old 98's
my very first computer and at CPCC
central piedmont community collage
where my husband to be
in which (((huum huum is a musician and wrote all music on the floppy disc along with his keyboard for brit savage to sing the jingles such as Just for the fun of it diet coke
or cambles soup uum uum good uuum uuum good
thats what cambels soup is its uuum uuum good
or take ah never mind
she is a great friend of mine still
Ron wrote her music for Britt Savage to win the first star search
what I am getting at
is he and I touched the mouse together
the very first one
I am known as the """""CAT"""""
that others think they are toying with on the internets chat etc.

though the computer is using a what
Mouse to chase the Cat with?

I as well have always expressed to all in my life
I have a red button to push that will save or distroy this earth
you think I am blowing my ego
I think not

you all know very well who I am

it is up to you to use more respect and stop the bull shit
or self destruct
into the black hole
want to know where the moon will be full

I havent decided yet...
thats a joke/

flower power

BUGS eat fast
ya know
note the bug that is on the petal of the lower right
as with in only one hour and eleven mins the suns flowers holes
by thirty three hours the flower was devoured by that one little tiny bug
it takes a small bug to distroy
like the lotus
the grasshopper
will strip a forest in only a few days

kUNG FU - grasshopper

Cathy "Tassy" Hill Cook

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The Bug and Planet X
Around the same time I stumbled upon this gecko clip
many throughs of threads will we v e upon this dancer
Dancer!!!!! I am uploading asap something out of one of my lol journal coded documentations
code 4 prints, check mail loveofasongbird@aol.com
thxalot big download from temporary gallery running
uploaded to the youtube the journals entry ... funny after I write it, I hardly review again
some problems, sorry *PIC*
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