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I wonder at which speed Nibiru should travel thru the inner part of our solar system?

Dear Robert, no I don't know and besides,
the atypical far-out reaching elliptical curve this mega-planet X allegedly takes since tens of thousands of years needs to take an extreme acceleration while coming close to the sun every 3600 years. Otherwise the mega-planet would crash into the sun or would be caught and forced to turn around the sun in a similar way other regular planets do. But, if the mega-planet should be able to keep its strange elliptical far-out reaching track it must travel at a speed much higher than for example our earth keeps while evolving around the sun (one circle in 12 months).

Prepositon affirmed, how can it be that Nibiru aka Planet-X is roaming in the inner part of our solar system for several years without being seen? The passage should take only a few months and during this time while taking the relatively narrow bend around the sun at highest speed Planet-X must be seen with the naked eye as a gigantic comet, if not at day time then at least during nightly hours.

But where is this monster now?

The photos I've seen in recent years (imho) are fakes or delusions caused by reflections of the sun from the layers of different airstreams with different temperatures, as with fata morganas.

What had happened in 2003 as was predicted?


So what was all the fuzz about?
Fearmongering hocus-pocus?

Where's the proof? Where are the exact calculations for the path and for the speed at a given point of Nibiru's journey?

Our sun was very calm during the last 14 months. If planet-x were near, already within the inner part of our solar system, it should be expected to be just the other way: the sun should be 'upset', more activ than before.

Where is the explanation for this miracle?

Just my 2 cents for today.
I'm skeptical and keep asking for evidence.

Does anyone know the actual orbital path of Planet X?
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Yes, scientists are now saying that it orbits between lollipop junction and candy cane lane, and that also happens to be the same route Santa takes to deliver toys to all the good little alien boys, girls and other all around our little galaxy.

for the skeptical minds

Planet X Nibiru Projected Orbital Return 2012 AD


Top 10 Space Conspiracy Theories
by Jonathan Strickland

5. Planet X

Does our solar system contain a giant, unnamed planet? Photo courtesy NASA
Does our solar system contain a giant, unnamed planet?

Does our solar system contain a giant, unnamed planet? It does, according to the Planet X theory. This theory says that our solar system h­as a 10th planet (if you count Pluto as a planet, otherwise the mystery planet is no. 9). The planet is supposed to be enormous and on an orbital path that will bring it close to Earth soon. Proponents of this theory cite earthquake and weather data as evidence of this planet's growing influence on Earth. They also claim that the government is forcing observatories to close to keep the planet's approach secret and prevent panic. Several astronomers have said that there's no evidence for the Planet X theory, and that if the planet did exist, humans would be able to see it even without a telescope.


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I wonder at which speed Nibiru should travel thru the inner part of our solar system?
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