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looks like proof that NASA was military from the very beginning ...
In Response To: n.a.s.a to bomb moon *LINK* ()

... and not an organization for civil research for the benefit of humanity as they like to pretend.
The video comments - as always - are very interesting.

Next time NASA would tell us they will bomb Antarctica to widen the polar entrance? - LMAO.

People are not as stupid as they are supposed to be.

If this is true - trying to cut thru the moon's surface with a nuclear blast only to find out if there's enough water for a sustainable moon base - then it reveals the crazy and irresponsible mindset of these service-to-self bunch of freemasons et al. But I doubt it.

How about drilling into moon's the ground, they way it is done on earth?

BTW flashes of explosions on the moon have been noticed already in previous years - somebody else already digging for water?
Or destroying sorts of evidence? Or fighting between so-called 'factions'?

Who knows!

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n.a.s.a to bomb moon *LINK*
looks like proof that NASA was military from the very beginning ...
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