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What Slovenian "Človeški Stroj" says in English? Human Machine! :) *PIC*
In Response To: Človeški Stroj *LINK* ()

Hi Cathy!

Dobra! Nice tune. I like it! The meaning?

That's a hard nut to crack but I tried my best for you:



Searchresults for stroj


Dictionary.com Translator



maybe: love ki machine

my personal translation:

Človeški = to love something/somebody

stroj = machine

machine love or to love a machine ???

interesting, if I neglect the typical slovenian letters and ask dictionary.com just about

cloveski stroj


then it says:

human machine


dobra (slovenian) = good (english)

Dani & Zoran končno tudi z videospotom.
Duet ki zelo veliko obeta! Zelo priporočam ogled!


Okay? 8)

comprende? :\

no? :(

far niente, si ;)

"Have A Laugh!"


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Človeški Stroj *LINK*
What Slovenian "Človeški Stroj" says in English? Human Machine! :) *PIC*
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Thanks. Vice Versa. It's the echo from your body's sonars. :D
okay okay don't get me side tracked by the refreshing post! I had this all loaded up! lol
well, you incented me to do more research on sLOVEnia ;)
a gentle nudge
correction of the need of a push on my part play these si mo tan ious ly
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