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Should Homocause Denial be punished? 8) *PIC*

you decide

Greetings from Bonobia :D
sweet homeland of our brothers and sisters in Congo County

"Ya know, we have no incest taboo, we make love and peace all the time, we live in big tribes same as your new age communards from the sixties, no written rules, no limits; sex and freedom and liberty all the time! Ya right, we love to eat brain!
Wanna see our bouncing boobs, banging butts and pretty pricks?

Laugh and Cheeze. Always!"

"Bb bb bbutt .... wha wha what'z sizz?" :(

"Loving" Bonobos Seen Killing, Eating Other Primates
A type of chimpanzee known to use sex for greetings, reconciliations, and favors may not be all about peace, love, and understanding after all.

Neo Ordo Ab Chao: "back to the roots!"

"tsa tsa tse moore aye tsing upout itt"

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Should Homocause Denial be punished? 8) *PIC*
so pleeze calm down and relax :) *PIC*
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