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yakno I just realized sumching ... others as I do with others if not centered within take what I say or post or write personal or utelize it into what they see in an old fitting clothing not new cloth

ponder as I need to again


I'm writing in reference to the MYSTICA link. There seem to be TONS
of articles on that site. Where should I begin? Is there any patter
I should follow?


--- In Brightlightspathfinders@yahoogroups.com, brightlightspath@...
> Truth Within Me
> There is a truth within me that there are no words to bring forth
for one to
> understand.
> There are no words to comprehend this truth I know.
> I can only say I feel it with every inch of my being,
> In every breath and beat of my heart…
> I awake to absorb more knowledge of truth that is reveled to me
each day!
> If I try to explain truth for one to understand, what I know as my
truth to
> comprehend,
> Ones way of understanding will be their own way and not mine.
> The purity of this truth unblemished would no longer be a truth
that is
> meant for me.
> Within each one of us, GOD has placed that
> Their very own purity of his unblemished truth inside of oneself.
> To feel and hear and see
> To know this truth and learn of it, to live by it.
> Only few sit quietly in silence…
> Willing to surrender themselves to the utter most undescrible
> Thoughts and sweetest words that falter far beyond sound.
> This is the purest truth known.
> Listening within your heart and not your mind.
> It is the cleanest most purified truth ever known to a souls
existence of
> ones spiritual knowledge one could ever hope for as to comprehend
> personally hold as their very own.
> Cathy "Tassy" Hill
> October 31,2002
> copyright�"
> brightlightspathfinders: in meditation last night got the word
> brightlightspathfinders: or nubula
> night_bird: nebulah - star
> brightlightspathfinders: i googled it cause i kept seeing swirling
> brightlightspathfinders: in my meditations
> night_bird: star patterns
> night_bird: yep
> brightlightspathfinders: this site is alsome
> night_bird: that's them
> brightlightspathfinders:
> (http://astro.nineplanets.org/twn/intro.html)
> brightlightspathfinders: I pray dear God let me know what i am
seeing out
> here in this travel
> brightlightspathfinders: he say numula
> brightlightspathfinders: I never know wot he is going to say to me
> brightlightspathfinders: lol
> brightlightspathfinders: he is so GOD
> brightlightspathfinders:
> brightlightspathfinders: thank you for always being here
> brightlightspathfinders: and listening to my words
> brightlightspathfinders: other word i saught and sent u john and y
u cannot
> fathum where i come from sometimes and get all these words i say
God of the
> utter most high please help me understand y my friend i choose
and others to
> work with cannot understand
> brightlightspathfinders: he say kabbalah
> brightlightspathfinders: i say thats not going to show up in google
> brightlightspathfinders: but it did
> brightlightspathfinders:
> (http://www.kabbalah.info/engkab/discover.htm)
> you may take this as you wish going within, to that place you
need to be.
> Everything is for a reason and that was no mistake.
> We are where we are suppose to be.
> As for me For I get God talking to me all the time. I take heed
to what I
> have written in the truth within me... which as well brings me to
another deep
> scribble I wrote on a napkin at a cafe' due to ones pretending to
> someone they are not. Now you will have to really pondeer this
rhyme and riddle.
> The isolation of serenity is non-fake
> All is accepted of ourselves by going within
> by many how ever but quite few
> self awareness in the awakenings are taught
> into you
> meditation in such listening to God with in your hearts
> and prayerfully actively talking to The utmost High.
> As the great I am who is in you.
> If you pay attention
> Look and see
> Hear and listen
> just by
> intuitively and instinctively you will know,
> that all are fake but few!
> ( now ask your self are you
> true to your own self or just going through daily rituals and
> zooming in on others to keep the focus off of your own self?)
> I will not disclose the words any more due to most you ignoring me,
and my
> not being respected. I have no clue as to even if this group is
alive or if
> you all even care. as for me ... its a great way to store my
teachings and
> learnings. and the 4 of you that responded to my prayer request I
greatly thank
> you from the bottom of my heart.
> It seems that's all that I needed to get back energy I needed. I
love you
> all.
> However I will continue to teach you. But till I hear from you and
see you
> wish to understand more and its okay all around the cycle of
life's table, you
> will just get links. Learn more. If you wish these teachings
that are
> revieled to stop just send a coraspondance of no thank you, this
will be a great
> loss to you. for what ever got into your life's way. but as I say
we are
> where we are suppose to be.
> words for today
> search I will not disclose the words
> _http://www.robertaherzog.com/akashic_record.htm_
> (http://www.robertaherzog.com/akashic_record.htm)
> _http://www.som.org/9intuition/akashicrecords.htm_
> (http://www.som.org/9intuition/akashicrecords.htm)
> _http://www.thesoulsjourney.com/kundalini.html_
> (http://www.thesoulsjourney.com/kundalini.html)
> _http://www.themystica.com/mystica/info/index.html_
> (http://www.themystica.com/mystica/info/index.html)

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yakno I just realized sumching ... others as I do with others if not centered within take what I say or post or write personal or utelize it into what they see in an old fitting clothing not new cloth
here sweets is the first words link Kabbalah that was disclosed to me that night of meditations in previous post *LINK*
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