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What happened? A fight? No way! :) *PIC*
In Response To: what happened? ()

Cathy, you see what happens, so please better never ever leave the board again ... smiley!
Nothing happened! No thing. Not hing.
Only one round - no battle, only an exchange of impressions and arguments, hopefully nobody wounded seriously, brought some fresh water and desinfectant into the small injuries.
Nice to hear that you decided to stick to the one-and-only LOS nickname aka LoveOfaSongbird, finally.


The mastersinger blackbird in my garden created a few new tunes since a few days,
now he trains daily for perfection, he understands my whistles, I imitate him and he imitates me and sometimes he comes very close, less than six feet and starts all of a sudden to call me with a few repeated tunes, just to watch if I'm reacting. One of his smaller tail feathers is missing, that's how I can recognize him easily besides his individual sound creations.

My black piper with the yellow beak is almost exactly in the middle of the picture on the greenish wooden post, his latest offspring sits on the right edge of the black plastic cage.

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reading your rant slowly sentence by sentence
what happened?
What happened? A fight? No way! :) *PIC*
Like never before
Re: "Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."
HEY, I finally started a garden :) And composting too........
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