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reading your rant slowly sentence by sentence

I ask myself:"Who is addressed specifically? What topics are meant? How can it be that somebody furiously pukes all over TNT and at the same time within the same sentences maintains "I do not accuse, attack or be derogatory in any way to any soul on here."
Which person in real life might this somebody be? What does this person look like? What's his profession?

Dear Comic Observer, a few questions:

Where are the details for your broad-casted accusations? Why do you rant when you realize that nobody reacts to your postings the way you expect it? Why don't you ask the forum members you mentioned directly or publicly why they don't post any longer or only from time to time?
Your article in my humble opinion contains obvious contradictions and also false claims as to who attacked whom - no need to go into details, the archive is still available and open for all.

Imagine in a real life scenario, you enter a cafeteria or a hotel lounge and start to rant and defame in general the way you do it here, what would be the consequencies?

When signing in as a member, does then anybody commit oneself to 'help humanity' or help a specific but unknown person to make it thru the day or save anothers life, no matter how noble this would be?

In essence, Cosmic Observer, IMHO and in my way of comprehension you seem to behave like a public school teacher or a military instructor training drafted 'privates' aka 'GI Government Issues'. You are teaching down in public to a mostly anonymous discreet forum membership.

It looks like intentional public defamation out of personal dissatisfaction. Your headline can be retrieved via search engines from all over the world. What do you think how you 'benefit' the TNT forum with your disputable rant? Can you imagine that the effect could be the discouragement of a lot of people, scaring them away, so that you in fact promote exactly what you are complaining about?

Repeating the last part (screaming capitals) of your sermon:

AND YOU SAY YOU ALL WANT A POSITIVE CHANGE???? [who said this, when, where?] WELL, TO CREATE CHANGE [change for change's sake?] IT ALL BEGINS WITH YOU AND YOU AND YOU.... EACH OF US FIRST.[exactly, what's your part, what's your attractive role model?] THEN IT GOES OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE [hopefully not too far, it can take light years to come back] AND COMES BACK A POSITIVE CREATION [necessarily?]. THIS IS CHANGE 101.

How about you yourself, Cosmic Observer?
(in small letters)

Besides, from my heart:

Greetings, best wishes, heads up, keep on trucking to deliver the helpful ideas, recipes, advices for a better living for all of us.

Be a beacon of light in the night.



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"Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."
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Re: "Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."
reading your rant slowly sentence by sentence
what happened?
What happened? A fight? No way! :) *PIC*
Like never before
Re: "Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."
HEY, I finally started a garden :) And composting too........
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