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Re: "Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."

Thank you for your candor. It's not easy being cheesey :)

Take a look around. If people don't STOP this madness (and those in power committing these atrocities), then it will get substantially worse. I can't sugar coat a bean..... nor can I profess to "KNOW" things I do not. But I also can't endorse a person that engages in MURDER, LIES, DECEIT.

In fact I think people that look at the positive side of things are indeed remarkable individuals these days. However, those that have tried to convince others of Obama's genuine good nature are kidding themselves and erroniously informing the public of a bad man's nature. And even when wrong, they continue to espouse BULLSHIT.

I do not like the taste of Bull's Shat.

The board has turned progressively "naughty". Indeed.

HELP US turn that around, will ya?

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"Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."
Re: "Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."
Re: "Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."
Re: "Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."
reading your rant slowly sentence by sentence
what happened?
What happened? A fight? No way! :) *PIC*
Like never before
Re: "Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."
HEY, I finally started a garden :) And composting too........
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