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"Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."

TNT... is like a Cobra's Den of really Devilish Dark Attack Vipers....No place for anyone with even a small spark of open minded intelligence to express, share or contribute to the posting board
any more. It has been Completely Controlled and Taken Over by Egotistical Maniacs, Rage and Gibberish postings which are beyond immaturity and Logic. I Have been reading your board for a long time without posting. I just came in to share a spark of HOPE in a kind and loving manner. But, now I see my time was wasted on such Angry, immature and Closed Minds. We all have free choice of when to awaken from our childish slumber. I do not accuse, attack or be derogatory in any way to any soul on here. I believe each one's truth and opinion has a right to be listened to and honored and to each their own TRUTH. Now I must speak my TRUTH as I see it and step down to the level of those on here that are constantly preaching doom, gloom and fear and thoroughly attacking anyone that tries to post anything of positive hope even if it may not be something you all agree with or the way you see it. But, did you ever stop an think there may just be someone else out there that needs to hear a few soft words with a small spark of hope to get them back on track and may even save a life if that someone is having a real bad day feeling lost and hopeless. I will not back down from my strengths and truth and I am not asking you to back down from yours, But, what has happened to this board, I ask you, honestly????? This board started off to be a Bright Light in a very Dark World and brought a lot of really Great Information forward to many people, which we all looked forward to each day as we read the great post. Great post from such as those by Zany Mystic, Drum Spirit, Tinker Bell and many more. Where have all these great souls with their most informative articles and messages of hope gone, Huh??? They all left because of being disrespected and attacked and being souls of positive light and love they just slipped away and made no fuss or argument about the cruel way they were treated. This board was a very happy family group of kind loving people, really trying their best to help humanity and ease the fear, pain and confusion in other souls hearts and minds, until along and gradually the dark slipped in one at a time and completely took over, now the post on this board has become exactly what this board was not originally meant to be all about. This is a very SAD and a most unfortunate situation. BBS Radio & the TNT board has brought so very much positive information to this World through it's program's and Once Upon A Time On This Board. We are all supposed to be grown ups here and each post and opinion as valued as the other with our main objective helping each other and all that read the post in a mature manner, instead of attack, sarcasm and attitudes of self righteous superiority. This board was once a home of hope for many, But, very sadly has become the hang out for only those that follow the leader, whatever poster that maybe the leader in posting with rage, negative post and expressions that day, instead of Free Thinkers. No one is helping humanity in this fashion. This energy only draws and creates more of the same.Apperantly this is not being acknowledged on this board or even slightly considered. AND YOU SAY YOU ALL WANT A POSITIVE CHANGE???? WELL, TO CREATE CHANGE IT ALL BEGINS WITH YOU AND YOU AND YOU.... EACH OF US FIRST. THEN IT GOES OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE AND COMES BACK A POSITIVE CREATION. THIS IS CHANGE 101

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"Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."
Re: "Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."
Re: "Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."
Re: "Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."
reading your rant slowly sentence by sentence
what happened?
What happened? A fight? No way! :) *PIC*
Like never before
Re: "Once Upon A Time On TNT Board."
HEY, I finally started a garden :) And composting too........
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