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6/16/2009 David Wilcock Update

By David Wilcock


I have been busier than ever in my life lately. I haven’t told you this yet, but the president of a major book company contacted me directly to turn the 2012 Enigma video into a substantial new book, released all over the world. As soon as we get a signed contract I will reveal who he is and the timeline for release.

He has worked directly with some of the top names in spirituality and metaphysics, and also edited their content. His editorial services will be brought in on this project as well. It is a marvelous blessing and I do hope we can come to a mutual agreement everyone is happy with.

I am working with a literary agent he suggested, who has helped launch many successful metaphysical / spiritual best-sellers. I did not want to commit to an outline that was not the absolute best it could be. Thus, I’ve been working my tail off to put together a detailed 13-page treatment of all the data that will go into this new book. This is literally like writing the entire book, with each piece of data listed in specific detail. Tons and tons of work.

The scope is well beyond what made it into 2012 Enigma, which was actually a collection of what I consider to be ‘extras’ I could afford to release, as it did not reveal the ‘core’ material I often lecture on at conferences.

This book will, in effect, teach everything I’ve been sharing in conferences up until now. Much of it can be found on this website if you search far enough, but there are plenty of things that are not here and will, for now, only be in the book. It won’t be that expensive and will be a marvelous thrill ride of information that should be quite popular. I will deal with how to infuse my conferences with fresh new data once the book comes out.

Nonetheless, this is just one project I’m juggling right now.


I also wear the hat of being Executive Producer of CONVERGENCE: The Movie, which we are doing independently, outside the Hollywood mainstream system, with grassroots financing support. This will allow us to make a film that would never bypass the typical censorship of the system — and that might be the key ingredient that makes it such a success.

Though it took some doing, I can now officially announce that we have a signed contract with arguably the top metaphysical screenwriter in Hollywood. He came to us as a direct result of watching 2012 Enigma on Google Video. We still need everyone who pledged an investment, and is still on board, to participate. Our assessments of where we stand financially are based on everyone being involved.

Since a few have notified us they cannot participate as they had planned, we now have five slots that have opened up for those wishing to invest 10K or more into this project. If you are interested, contact Billy Blake at bblakela@aol.com This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
for more information.

With our writer’s help we are completely re-designing the storyline from scratch. I have a pivotal role in shaping it and the process has been thrilling beyond imagination. We also have a much-expanded base of contacts thanks to our writer coming on board, making it all the more likely that we will quickly finance the film once we have a finished script and budget packaged.

Our goal is to go to private investors and only use studios for distribution contracts. That way we do not get our story changed or rewritten, and can insure that the vision we wish to convey is what makes it to the big screen.


I am about to begin an eight-day conference retreat here in the Canadian Rockies. It’s going to be a breathtaking week and we will have a total crew of 26 people once everyone arrives, not including the staff at the mountain chateau where we will be staying.

The New York conference went very well — everyone was completely thrilled with what I presented and it was wonderful to have that much time to really dig into my own material, rather than being compressed down into a two-hour slot. I needed every minute of the time I had to really make the case. Events like this are even better because we have the entire week!

The Universe threw me a lesson in humility and detachment when I lost my cell phone on the shuttle bus to the airport. I’m not even sure how it happened, as I had it right before I left but then it was gone as soon as I got out.

I did see it as a clear message to let this be a full-immersion experience, and not worry if that means I get totally cut off from the ‘outside world’ during the week I’m out there. If I do not have Internet access at the chateau, and my wireless card is not working in Canada, then you won’t hear from me until some time shortly after this coming weekend.

I was planning on getting an Iphone 3GS anyway, and that’s the first stop I’m going to make once I get back from the airport next week. I’ve held off all this time but now I’m taking the plunge.


Anyway, there are still slots available to see me in Switzerland with Project Camelot. It’s coming up soon, just over a week into the month of July. I’m leaving on the 7th. More information is available at the following site:


This is going to be quite the event. I did share the stage with Dan Burisch at Caltech last year, but I was literally only allowed 60 seconds to speak and then some Q&A at the end. This is going to be much more intense.

Dr. Brian O’Leary, a NASA astronaut and UFO witness, will also be speaking and sharing his knowledge of free-energy systems that could completely change our world. We will have at least one panel discussion where everyone gets to share their perspective, and I expect that will be quite a wild ride.

This is another exciting event, and worth the huge flight it will take me to get out there! It will also be the first time I’ve ever traveled to Europe.


If you have experience working in visual effects, and would like to volunteer your services, opportunities are still available. We’re just now getting around to storyboarding the first effects sequence we will use in our upcoming free YouTube video, which will have a much higher production value than 2012 Enigma did.

We now have 25 illustrators and 25 CG animators, but we need all different aspects of the FX pipeline in order to make this work. If you are interested, email me at the address you find on the Contact page, and we’ll be happy to consider you.

Those who can work quickly and effectively, with quality results, may be hired on to CONVERGENCE in some capacity. Participation does not guarantee this will happen, but it certainly increases the likelihood. Much of the hiring decision will be based on individual motivation and performance.

We do have an imminent deadline of mid-July for certain sequences to be finished, and I will say why as we get closer to completing that initiative. This means if we call upon you for something, unfortunately the timeline for this first set of work is very narrow. It’s going to be well worth it, though.


I find it unfortunate how many people are still being taken in by the virulently negative material in the conspiracy media. For the record, I do not consider Obama a saint nor a savior. I consider him the first President since Kennedy who is actually doing his job and trying to make things better for our planet.

As I’ve said before, the conspiracy media is saturated with propaganda to an unheard-of extreme. I have undeniable proof of this which I have not yet released, saving it for the right time, but I have decided that I will do so within a very short timeframe after returning from Canada — not more than two weeks.

This proof shows how it’s done, the enormous money being spent on it, what they write, who does it, and includes a whistleblower statement from someone who was actually hired on one of these jobs during the election. It is shocking.


Unfortunately, the hate is so thick in the Internet world that it has become like a religion. Some of the followers are becoming violent and it may be inevitable that Obama will be assassinated.

I certainly hope not, but no one can guarantee anything at this point, given the sheer number of people who want it, including all the old guard whom are being attacked and dismantled by the new administration.

The points I bring up, which require reading through multiple past entries of David’s Blog to understand, are ignored or brushed aside by almost every critic who comes to us.

Almost everyone who writes me and criticizes the administration brings up the exact same arguments. It’s largely an emotional decision and no one can really argue or dispute the facts I include — they must simply be ignored or diverted back to the same old arguments. I’ve already given many more pieces of data that show a side completely counter to those arguments.


This is far from a perfect situation. The old guard still infects the system. It is far from over and simple fear and threats have undoubtedly stopped certain things from happening as fast as they otherwise would.

You cannot attack this situation with a ‘wish list’ of every change you want to see and then get upset when many of them have not happened yet. The scope of change that must occur is enormous, and will take time to complete even under the best of circumstances. Nor is it my job to address people’s individual letters of attack.

I am nonetheless shocked to see how the entire conspiracy media has completely condemned this administration, thanks to the propaganda they read as gospel truth, and must increasingly ignore and overlook very reliable data to maintain their opinions.

How do you get someone who hates that deeply to open their mind? Unfortunately, you often don’t. Personally and professionally I will continue sharing what I see and feel, but I do not feel responsible to attempt to convince the many who do not want to be convinced, and therefore do not choose to see an alternative perspective.

The degree of propaganda in the alternative conspiracy media is extremely severe. People who think they are very smart, and right on the cutting edge, are getting their information straight from the Pentagon and the NSA, and the leaders of this movement aren’t even aware of it. In time we will see the humor and tragedy in all of this.

They key, of course, is that hate begets hate. You don’t paint people in black-and-white portraits. No one is truly a good person or truly a bad person. No situation is All Bad nor All Good. We grow in steps. This administration is taking us many steps forward.

The majority of people who ARE inside these negative groups actively want to get out and turn a new leaf. Yet the hatred has risen to such an extreme that if anyone dared try to get out, and do the right thing for humanity, they would be killed. I consider this to be pathetic and tragic to an extreme.


I have basically disengaged from the conspiracy media. I do not want, nor need, to read so many people who all adopt the same sarcastic, victimized, hopeless, doom-and-gloom, mad-as-hell viewpoint. I do not need to feel like I’m the member of some elite group that has gotten that way by knowing who to hate. Or thinking they know.

I now find that the best data is coming in from sources like Huffington Post and Digg.com. There you have people who still have an objective view because they are not inundating themselves with the propaganda-infected conspiracy media.

There you actually read facts that are not simply the hand-picked choices that focus on the negative, using ‘psychic driving’ to repeat the same lies and slanderous accusations until they become Truths in the reader’s mind.


Another important thing to realize is that Obama’s people are playing a political field that is very delicate and complex. It is increasingly obvious that they must mobilize sufficient public intensity to build up to changes that they cannot directly suggest on their own.

Hence, statements will be made that are obviously false, in the hopes that enough people who know the truth will get pissed off and mobilize to do something about it. A recent example is when Obama said "Al-Queda killed 3000 people on 9/11" in his address to the Muslim world.

If enough people KNOW it’s not true, then they get upset, create an uprising, and the truth comes out. That’s how the game MUST be played. Otherwise you will be eaten alive by the opposition. Look at the ridiculous attempts of Sarah Palin to try to take down David Letterman, one of the great American comics, over a single joke that was in poor taste.

Don’t forget that Obama met with two 9/11 widows in private. You can bet that the rooms in the White House are tapped, and the opposition recorded and documented whatever they discussed.

It’s very likely that they were planning on re-opening 9/11 hearings and bringing out undeniable evidence that it was not simply Muslim terrorists. These two women took a plane flight together a week later and the plane then went down under very suspicious circumstances. Past entries of David’s Blog made the case convincingly.

Air France was a similar ‘hit,’ it would seem, and I will spell out exactly who appears to have done it and why. It appears to be a direct hit against France by the British Illuminati, in response to the ‘snub’ of Queen Elizabeth from attending D-Day festivities. The bright flash of light that was reported is consistent with technology that can destroy electronics.

I wanted to get that out this week, but simply ran out of time — and I will probably be in an Internet blackout for the next week once I get to our final destination.


It is increasingly obvious that Obama is actively working to take down and dismantle the Federal Reserve, which is at the root of the problem. This will complete what Kennedy started — and it does seem that the same forces that were behind Kennedy are now behind Obama.

The conspiracy media is now starting to circulate propaganda that tells a great deal of the truth about what is going to be done, and how, but is then trying to spin it so as to make people terrified that whatever would come in the Fed’s aftermath would be even worse. That works well if you’ve already built them up to hate the man and see him as the Antichrist.

Thus, we are starting to see a last-ditch effort to get people to believe "Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know." Intriguingly, in order to fool people, quality information must be released amidst the spin. And this is also going to be quite an eye-opener once I have time to properly write it up.


I do hope to see Obama live long enough to complete this valuable part of his mission. I do not wish to see an assassination. It would be a shame for so many people to only realize what we had after he’s gone. I am not sure the timelines are fixed on this issue, one way or another.

Nonetheless, I have already given up trying to convince most people who are fans of the conspiracy sites. No matter how clearly you spell it out, they see what they want to see and attack you viciously for thinking otherwise.

If you disagree, you must be One of Them. This is the purest essence of why religion has failed humanity, and it’s exactly the same problem with the conspiracy media.

I trust the facts, and my own reliable intuitive guidance, and will continue reporting them as they become clearer.


It is also clear that we are heading towards some degree of formal disclosure of the UFO phenomenon. The signs are very evident, including Fox News, of all networks, building up to it. For all I know, my testimony may well be a part of it… and a lot could happen after mid-November in that department.

These are very interesting times to say the least.

Many blessings to you on your journey. I am certainly looking forward to what lies ahead!

Comments (69)
Written by Kyle, on 06-16-2009
Hey David, this was a great post.
– I agree with you that there is a strong right-wing contingent in the “conspiracy” community that is reminiscent of the anti-Roosevelt factions or John Birch Society of the 1960s. I think this has been fueled by disinfo by people like Mark Dice with his whole “red list / blue list” thing. I’ll be honest – that scared the s#$% out of me (until I realized it was logistically impossible given our current environment), and I’m not surprised it made people buy guns n’ ammo.
– But you’ve also got to realize there are a lot of very sophisticated critiques of Obama based on 1. his actual behavior, 2. his “team” and financial backers and 3. the general history and methods of the world system. Your milieu is more familiar with esoteric and spiritual studies, but there are a lot of people like me who have studied politics, economics and history with the same intensity, and whose patience with Obama runs thinner with every betrayal. You make an interesting suggestion that he seems to be trying pretty hard to get people pissed off (ie on 9/11 truth). Healthcare is another interesting one. I know for a fact he supports single payer (I questioned his health policy advisor during the primaries and she gave me a look like she was killing a puppy while giving her canned “pragmatic” answer). Is that why he’s out pushing the literal, textbook Nazi policy? A weird method, but it might work…
– David Icke made a great point on Alex Jones yesterday. We need to bring spiritual consciousness out of the clouds and into our bodily existence. I hope the New Age folks will help the conspiracy folks by providing this kind of optimism but still putting their boots on and taking to the streets to act as the counterforce we so desperately need.
Written by Jeremy Weiland, on 06-16-2009
David Wilcock breaking down and buying a cell phone? Say it ain’t so! Have you changed your mind about the harmfulness of cell phone radiation?
Written by tony, on 06-16-2009
great read , thanx
Written by Joy, on 06-15-2009
Yes!! Thank you for standing up for truth and love, thank you for being our voice during this time of transformation out of desperation. I have a deep sense of love for you and this whole community.
Written by Pollyana Powers, on 06-15-2009
Don’t you people know nothing about quantum mechanics, creating your own reality, self fulfilling prophesies and how thought creates reality. (Especially, you David.) Get off your negative “I hope Obama doesn’t get assassinated” fantasies/fears and your “It’s too good to be true” thinking/fears. Yeah!! You wanted George gone and you got it. You wanted a President that listened to the people, and you got it! Now that you are in the midst of positive change, you just can’t bring yourself to accept it. You’ve been complaining so much and for so long, you can’t stop when there’s really nothing to complain about. “Obama said, 9/11 was caused by Arab terrorist! How could he???!!” Do yourself a favor, bask in the glory, celebrate, enjoy the slow positive change, and stop complaining. You got what you wanted and you are getting more of it every day. Obama IS the best president you have ever had in your lifetime. Stop complaining and help the man, by healing your own negative fears by being willing to accept that the world is becoming a better place, whether you can accept positive change or not. He can only do want you allow. Remember you elected Obama. You exercised your own power (personal and political), release your fears, and heal yourself. Be willing to believe, you can have the positive world you desire.
Written by John, New Jersey, on 06-15-2009
Please keep the info on Obama coming: Thanks to you (mainly you, but with a little bit of Richard C. Hoagland) I’m now wondering if Obama is really a good guy.

You mentioned, “People who think they are very smart, and right on the cutting edge, are getting their information straight from the Pentagon and the NSA, and the leaders of this movement aren’t even aware of it.” Please give us more details, as you are able to. I’d like to be sure that I’m sure I was mistaken about Obama.

Your efforts are not a waste of time. There are those of us who want the TRUTH, and if it turns out that what we believed was NOT the truth, then we want to know what the truth really is. But we need enough facts to convince ourselves (as well as others around us that we unwittingly misled) of the real truth.

Keep it coming, David!
Written by Tim, Atlanta, GA, on 06-15-2009
Waking up every morning and remembering David and his works is an inspiration enough to carry me through the day. I’ve made divinecosmos.com my home page so I’m sure to read something from the site when I get online. I’ve learned so much from your your website and books. I’m grateful and thankful.
Written by Maria from Ontario, on 06-15-2009
David your blogs are always inspiring and a reminder to not get caught up with all the negative information out there. I applaud you for your ability to juggle the many projects you have on the go, I don’t know how you do it. I look forward to the publishing of the 2012 book as well as the next 2012 video.
Have a great time in Alberta, the mountain air will do you a world of good.

Love and blessings.
Written by Horacio Miquel, on 06-15-2009
Jai gurù dev, first try to reach the ciberspace succesfully, lets put more people to meditate, supporting groups like David Linch foundation, and see what happens…
Written by ANJ, on 06-15-2009
Re: dissolving the Federal Reserve?

Administration calls for financial system overhaul

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Obama administration is rolling out new regulations this week intended to tighten oversight of financial institutions.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says the aim is to get rid of what he calls “gaps” in the financial regulations that contributed to the current meltdown. Speaking in New York, Geithner said the current system has been too unstable and fragile, and lacks sufficient protections for consumers and investors.

Geithner declined to give specifics on the regulatory reform plan or say whether it will include eliminating certain agencies. But administration officials say the Federal Reserve will be given increased power to oversee large institutions whose failure could threaten the stability of the financial system. Critics call the current system inefficient, and favor the consolidation of all banking regulation into one agency.

President Barack Obama is expected to unveil proposed changes on Wednesday, a day before Geithner is scheduled to testify about them on Capitol Hill.
Written by Peter Baran age 82, on 06-15-2009

You are doing a great service for mankind…I am praying for you every day…that God guides you and protects you..

Have a peaceful time in Canada….

We look forward to your revelations…
Written by paolo, on 06-15-2009
Brilliant considerations as always… totally agree with your evaluations about Obama declaration on 9/11 and Al Qaeda….and for what i know, he is really focus on Fed, doing what Kennedy couldn ‘t. I think, he learned a lesson, after the attack to the plane where the two women he met, were on board.
It is very important what you sayd about the conspiracy media( Rense? Alex Jones?)and the attitude that people have towards problems, and human incapability to deal with them, finding a target outside ourself…i think your job is preciuos expecially on this item, and i see also David Icke changing a bit in that sense(see last interwiew on Project Camelot) and also Ben Stewart (Kymatica) is in that direction
I am still wandering how it is possible that a candidate like Obama, that seems been raised for that role, sponsored by Soros could have escaped in some way to their evaluations…ok, sure must have some wiser men in that group willing to change the agenda, but i m still surpised how this group may have done such a big mistake(from their point of wiew) to understimate him in some way….Paolo
Written by Saïd, on 06-15-2009
David, many thanks for your tireless work and commitment. Great to learn about your expanding plans and exciting perspectives. Take care of your health, however. And godspeed to you!

Great how you are outlining the similarities between conspiracy freaks and religious fundamentalists here. I once sat and thought “Those people talking about conspiracies are just as dangerous as the conspiracies, should they exist, themselves”. That what more of an inkling, and now you are putting it masterfully into words.
Written by Marcin, on 06-15-2009
Hi David. I always like to read your comments. It’s always nice to hear that even if we are living in very dangerous and though times there is something optimistic and good a head of us. Thank for everything.
And keep the good work.
Written by kristina sophia, on 06-15-2009
With no internet just use the INNER NET. Thanks David for all you do. Let’s all hold Obama in the light and ask others to do the same.
Written by Bill, on 06-15-2009
I certainly hope we don’t lose Obama to an assassination. I entirely agree with your viepoint of him and his administration David. I hope and pray that the Earth Allies can keep him safe and help him see his mission through.
Written by Jimmy, on 06-15-2009
Don’t give up hope on Obama living through his presidency just yet.
Written by denisfor in Quebec, Canada, on 06-14-2009
I feel closer to you, like a spiritual brother, in your way of interpreting losing your cell phone.

Because of your higher level of awareness and consciousness, you know that the Universe is telling you to let go for a time this limited channel of communication, and buying a newer tool for communicating.

Many people are calling this a waking dream, the Universe is telling you in a symbolic way that writing a book and producing a film is a more powerful way of communicating with the whole world and it will provide you with the money needed for your mission.

It’s like cloning yourself to communicate with many people at the same time.

About cloning, do you know that Churchill look alike was killed during WW2 but the real Churchill was able to live up to almost 90 years of age?

This is because he was under the protection of a spiritual bodyguard. And Hitler was killed near the end of the same war.

However, they replace him with his look alike. This is a way to understand his last strategy were so poor compared to earlier strategy. Yourself being alive is a miracle and each new day is a new miracle.

But you should consider changing plane at the last minute more often and using another identity to book a flight.

And do not worry about Obama, he is on top of the list of the spiritual hierarchy for protection, not only in the physical body, but astral and mental body too.

You surely know about spiritual bodyguard who can protect someone on the astral plane because the main problems are there.

Obama seem aware of this in some way because he wants to try to stop smoking.

Written by margaret, on 06-14-2009
Super informative blog David Thanks for all you do. I know you will love Lake Louise .I hope you enjoy every moment here in Canada! I live in B.C. Be safe and well David! I join all with thoughts of you,Margaret
Written by Brendan Hill, on 06-14-2009
Thanks David! It is always good to hear from the brighter side for a change.
Written by Phydeaux_3, on 06-14-2009
After reading your last blog post I said to my Wife “Sadly, it’s almost inevitable that Obama will be assassinated” and I felt truly saddened by this realization. Funny you should mention the “Antichrist”, upon completing reading The Story Of B by Daniel Quinn the final paragraph left a smile on my face for near a week. You see I truly believe in “God” but I don’t believe in religion one little bit. For the first time ion my life I understood that the “Antichrist” is NOT something to be feared, at least by those of us who don’t believe in that warped fairy tale anyways. Anyone who has not yet read Ishmael (& everything else by Daniel Quinn) should really do themselves a big favor & check that book out.

» Phy³ …
Written by Sylvia, on 06-14-2009
Let us all embrace those conspiracy media with love and compassion after all there is really only ONE of us here! Thank you David for allowing us to follow your lead on acceptance of the situation as fighting it would only bring us more angst. Great reading and thanks for keeping us in the loop. Have a great time in the Rockies.

Written by The White Fox, on 06-14-2009
David, you think you’re busy now, just wait until you get popular at a global scale. Your life will soon be like a rock star with your schedule so booked with speaking engagements, interviews, dinners, and tours that you’ll look back at today and think you were living in retirement.
Written by Mike, on 06-14-2009
According to the Matthew channelings, Mr. Obama is protected by the light more than we can imagine. Please don’t fear that he’s going to be taken down. Fear is exactly what the dark forces need in order to grasp on. Their release is inevitable. The less we fear, the more we love, the sooner our new home will be ready.
Written by angiesolo, on 06-14-2009
Thank you David for inspiring all of us collectively and in hopes that the positive inspiration will be enough to boil the pot and make us ALL rising bubbles to ascention.

Btw, if I posted this twice I didn’t mean to.
Written by angiesolo, on 06-14-2009
Thank you David for inspiring all of us collectively and in hopes that the positive inspiration will be enough to boil the pot and make us ALL rising bubbles to ascention.
Written by Alex, NJ, on 06-14-2009
Thank you for a wonderful update. I am very interested about your opinion about the meeting between Leo Zagami & Benjumin Fulford that happened on 6/11/2009. Hopefully we will read about that in your next update. Have a great time in Canada.

Written by Andrew from New Paltz, on 06-14-2009
Thank you so much for everything you have contributed to this universe! It is amazing how much you are doing these days! I wish you the best.
Written by Anthony Lares, on 06-14-2009
A part of me seriously wants to get pissed off, but I know that in doing so, I too will ultimately be part of the problem. I will allow myself a healthy and brief amount of time, to feel this dis empowering emotion, quite possibly for the self gratification of my ego. But I will remember who I am and where I wish to be with humanity. I am part of the solution. We are part of the solution.
Written by nicholas Emery, on 06-14-2009
always love it when i click on your site and see you have updated your blog, never gets old, anyway seems like what ever im pondering in my mind about world events, you always reinforce my theories and intuition. something weird is going on in the world, i can just feel it in the air, this summer is going to be eventful to say the least.
Written by Valeyard, on 06-14-2009
I agree with you David - if Obama is making that brave step towards a better America, then he has to do it side-ways before he can move forward.
It can be seen and detected that the subtlety in which he addresses certain issues leads us to realise that he is challenging the old guard.
People must understand that he can not confront this group(s) publicly & in such an obvious way - that should be clear.
It is frustrating but the truth will out in time.
Looking forward to your update as always.
Thank you & blessings my friend.
Written by ZoRAn. G, on 06-14-2009
DAVID COME TO CALGARY!!!! intentions of love sent your way brotha!!

peace and love.
Written by Janice, on 06-14-2009
Dear David,
Blow off the dust and clear the cobwebs!
Immerse yourself in the beauty and take in
the love and light of the sweet spot you
are going to.
Wishing you well,
Written by NoelB, on 06-14-2009
I always look forward to your posts. It’s interesting to read from the other commenters that I’m not alone in detaching from the conspiracy sites recently. I wouldn’t have the insight I have today without them but I feel the need to remove the conflict they conjure from my life. I’ll just touch bases with your spiritually positive assessments from here on out. Thanks!
Written by Jacqueline England, on 06-14-2009
Just wow. Thanks once again David. So revealing. The bit about the British illuminati destroying the French plane because the French snubbed the Queen. Of course! Hadn’t thought of that as a possibility, but now you say it is is so obvious and just what they would do.
Written by Gary Allison, on 06-14-2009
Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, as we all know, all negativity leads to violence. Hope you have a great time in the Rockies. I agree with your intuition about an assassination. Some people will do anything to hold onto power. Cornelia says hi. Hope to see you on the path again soon. Congratulations on the book. It looks like you have made it to the top of the mountain.
Written by alexa100, on 06-14-2009
Thank you David for your light. Only the ignorant could keep on believing in the “evil this and evil that” scenario. One would think that those who call themselves “spiritual” would look to help everyone into the light. Unfortunately there are too many of us who want to remain in the dark.
The light is getting brighter each day. Thank goodness we elected Obama (and not McCain). We have been in the dark too long.
Written by ECK-MAN, on 06-14-2009
Ron Paul’s 1207 to audit the Fed Reserve is picking up steam daily, Campaign for Liberty sent out a big press release this week “1207 Now has 222 co sponsors!”. I take that synchronicity as a positive sign the fed is almost done for, not to mention that 222 co sponsors is a v impressive show of support now officially taking the “majority” in congress.
Written by Gia, on 06-14-2009
Such a prolific outpouring of positive information on so many levels from you David! Thank you so much for all the inspiring and exhaustive work that you do! I pray for your continued success and well-being. You totally rock!
Written by Tyko Rasul - Liverpool , U.K, on 06-14-2009
Wow . After that piece there is no doubt for me that you are a mentor , true teacher , wiseman . It is one of the best of your blogs I have read , it felt straight from a calm part of the soul . Your explantion on techniques such as ” SAYING ONE THING MEANING ANOTHER… ON PURPOSE ” are explained perfectly , at a genius level . My pleasure to be a student through the Ether , Peace Dave and all the kindred spirits out there in the world .
Written by James Eddy, on 06-14-2009
I agree that the conspiracy world seems to be getting more….intense. But for the most part i too have cut myself off from that kind of thinking. The best i feel, is to keep an equilibrium. Be calm and positive and stand back and just experience this amazing time. I think that the closer we get though, the more of the truth seekers will come to realize that its harmony that is needed. When the truth of the situation becomes clear the ppl who want to “know”, or truth seekers, conspiracy ppl, whatever, will have a much easier time recognizing and accepting this change for what it is. Where as the PTB will drive more to lie and be dishonest to keep control of a dying situation. They are the ones that are truly afraid of the unknown, and thus will cling to the old like a life raft. Thankfully, they do not hold the numbers we do and thus, once it begins to progress the balance will have no problem tipping in the right direction. They cant stop our evolution.

Much love to you all
Written by Juho William, on 06-14-2009
Curiously, I’ve been having some very similar thoughts on the Obama administration today. This last week, I listened heavily to the most popular conspiracy show on the web. It was emotionally draining, but it fed my ego in quite an addicting way. I even supported the host financially. While I have no regrets about that, being all in favour of his work to try to inform the masses, I am also at the point of being disillusioned and fed up with it all. It’s clear that, amidst the factual information, there is a certain agenda being pushed that is not coming from a constructive place of truth and higher consciousness. It’s an angry, destructive, single-minded, and limited reality tunnel that infects so much of the alternative media that it can’t be purely an accident. As reluctant as I am to say this outright, I do consider most of the alternative media to be purveyors of simply a more subtle form of propaganda than the mainstream outlets. Propaganda for the awakening masses, now that the old lies have lost so much of their credibility.

I think I will go on a stricter media diet from now on. I need to focus more on my own work and my own thoughts, and I can’t afford the energy drain.

Thanks for the truthiness, David. I always appreciate your posts. They give me such a boost!
Written by Matthew, on 06-14-2009
Thanks for the blog, cant wait for the new 2012 video!

Peace and Love.
Written by Jan, on 06-14-2009
Be sure to visit Lake Louise and walk away from the japanese tourist mobs. Its a very spiritual place and so beautiful especially from above.

If you stay in this old chateau in Banff, be sure to wipe out the negative energy the bilderbergers left there some years ago
Written by Rona, on 06-14-2009
I agree with you regarding the negative conspiracy sites and the hate and fear they promote am very grateful for your blog and the positive, truthful, and insightful information you share with us.

Wishing you a wonderful time in the Canadian Rockies!

Written by Leigh Perkins from Melbourne,, on 06-14-2009
Short but concise David, yet again you are on the ball. Things are hotting up here too Down Under, a few hints and casual refferences to UFO sightings here and secret socities there everything is bubbling to the surface. I even watched a news story on Sky news Australia on a magnet generated free energy system for every home!
We are all doing a fantastic job of clearing the old ways. I trully am excited to see each new day manifest a more beautiful and vibrant expression of awakening for all to share!
We welcome you to visit Australia at anytime your wisdom would greatly increase the higher vibrations here!
Have a great time while relaxing you deserve it.
Written by Sven from Germany, on 06-14-2009
Thank you David, your work is awesome!!!
divinecosmos.com is a great inspiration for so many people around me.
Best wishes, Sven
Written by catmar, on 06-14-2009
Thank you for that David, looking forward to more later.
Written by Neline Clayfield, on 06-14-2009
So glad to hear from you David and all your news… wondered how the NY conference went. All sounds good. I am sending love and light to President Obama and pray that he can do what is so needed. Apparently you are going to enjoy very special energies in Canada. Enjoy. Thank you for your confirmation of what I feel myself.
Love and Light
Written by Diane, on 06-14-2009
I love reading your work - travel well.
Written by lindabaker, on 06-14-2009
A week without internet can be a good thing…enjoy the mountain energy instead!
Written by Geza Horvath, on 06-14-2009
Great to see how David is always able to rap everything up that is going on in a nutshell and has a good grasp of what is going on
Written by Dee, on 06-14-2009
Thanks, David. I, too, have stopped reading much of the ‘conspiracy sites’ for many of the same reasons. Simply put, the time is now to center our hearts on Oneness, transparency and compassion to make a positive influence. The old ways of separation, anger/hate/fear will just get us more of the same. We are much greater than that.
Written by Mark Henderson, on 06-14-2009
Thanks for your illumination, yet again. Now get out and enjoy the northern Rockies - they’re breathtaking this time of year.
Written by vidar, on 06-14-2009
an uplifting positive update, as usual thats why i like this blog. your work encourages love instead of hatred, solutions rather than problems, optimism rather than pessimism, and, to the best of my knowledge, objectivity.

whatever ingredients are needed to facilitate change the best possible way, ur work seem to have it daivd. thx for opening my eyes and keep up ur good work. i believe its of much benefit to this world.

cheers from australia
Written by transiten, on 06-14-2009
Congratulations David! It’s absolutely brethtaking to read about your work and progress and you’ve got this balanced view on what Obama can accomplish. I’m back from reconnecting with my 88year old father who shows to be open to my occult interests, what a gift! i will now purchase Wanderer Awakening and look forward to the release of Convergence.

Written by 13, on 06-14-2009
Well I’m looking forward to late November then.
Written by Matt, on 06-14-2009
Thank you again for your support and advice David. We are all struggling on in this “system” and I dont know about anyone else but it seems to be getting harder by the day.
Your comment about the possibility of some disclosure on the UFO phenomenon is both encouraging and exciting - for all of us on this planet. My fear is that should “they” finally come clean - it will be portrayed in a NEGATIVE manner, to create even more fear. I believe these “aliens” (hate that expression it sounds so Hollywood) are actually here to help and what I have learned suggests they have helped us on many occasions without our knowing. (Chernobyl disaster for one) It is my belief they will be come to help us ascend as the time comes, and also “they” are all trying to get the best view when it happens!

Good luck with the book, hopefully it will be a best seller and raise the awareness to a higher level.
I will be purchasing a copy on its release!!

I think I speak for everyone when I say you are truly appreciated and we all thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. I am trying to do my bit here in the UK to get people to understand that what is happening is real and truthful. So many people have such closed minds and hearts it is very sad.

Enjoy your time in Canada and then Switzerland (welcome to Europe!), keep up the fantastic work my fellow light worker.

With love and light

Written by Jerome Netherlands, on 06-14-2009
Keep up the positive spirit Dave and enjoy your stay in the Rockies
Hopefully I’ll see you in Zurich. If not, I hope you’ll come to Amsterdam sometime. I’ve already voted for that. It should be an interesting panel discussion.I know from the project Camelot/David Icke interview that Bill Ryan considers 2012 to be a ‘spiritual y2k’ non-event… That sort of surprised and disapointed me considering all the time you’ve spend with him and Kerry talking about 2012.
I really look forward to seeing you live sometime. Take care, be well.
Written by Jesel, on 06-14-2009
I look forward to reading your posts. Thanks!
Written by gina laudy, on 06-14-2009
Love you and your work! Take good care of yourself. You are on the right track.

Stay in good health and I hope to see you one day in Spain!
Written by Christa from Holland, on 06-14-2009
Dear David,

Although I am saddened by the possibilities I’m sure everything will turn out the way it should be! I’m sure Obama will be protected by ‘Higher Forces’!
Bless you David, for all the work you’ve done and will be doing in the near future! Can’t wait to see you in Zurich!
Written by Craig - UK, on 06-14-2009
Thanks again for all your positive views to the current situation, if only more people would let go of their fears.
Peace & love to all
Written by Clay, on 06-14-2009
David I would love to know more about the whole disclosure issue. I find it fascinating that more and more creditable witnesses are saying the time is coming soon for this to happen. What exciting times!
Written by Clay H, on 06-14-2009
David I always love what you got to say. And your words really do seem to strike a cord with me. Thank you! and god bless you. I am really looking forward to the new movie and to many more postive and inspiring views of the world its people and life in general.
Written by Star, on 06-14-2009
Have a wonderful time!
Written by Nancy in WI, on 06-14-2009
David, thank you for this update in the midst of your incredibly busy schedule.

Very encouraging to see that your film will be made outside the Hollywood mainstream. It truly is the only way to keep it in line with your creative vision.

REALLY excited about the book! I hope it’s the first of many Wilcock books, as this website is rich in a variety of metaphysical and scientific material.

Thank you once again for reminding us about the difficult job President Obama faces. If those of us who support him spend time each day sending him vibrations of love, support, and protection, it might make the difference. Our collective consciousness vibrates at a higher frequency than it did at the time of President Kennedy; very few people were aware of what was really going on in the 1960s.

It is painful to read how some people expect that Obama would come in and just turn everything around in a short period of time. The first task is to reach the hearts and minds of the world’s population (which is what he is doing by speaking the right words); the exterior manifestations are always a reflection of the interior life. And just as you say, Obama is not a saint or a savior; he is doing the very difficult job of helping to create a more peaceful and equitable world.

We don’t want to fall into the “alpha-male” trap again. That’s why those of us with higher vibrations need to send those positive intentions to him. We support Obama, but we know that each of us needs to live without being consumed by fear and thus abdicating our free-will agency.

May you have a marvelous week in the Canadian Rockies! I am going to miss you; please keep us posted if you do end up with Internet access.

Written by Nathan, on 06-14-2009
Thank you for still finding time to update us. I’m looking forward to your coming entries.
Written by steve, nz, on 06-14-2009
Thanx brother. your blogs inspire me greatly.

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