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To Think Was To Die *PIC*

an ongoing discourse on the inversion and fragmentation of the human intellect and emotions in the forgotten ancient survivalist emergencies in which the collective madness of the human race originated...


The correct analysis of the human condition and the correct healing formula are simple and easy to understand.

Several factors are in play to prevent human beings from thinking straight and making a start at the only viable and comprehensive healing process.

There are different ways of expressing it.

Our thinking is compartmentalised, so that the pieces of the picture are never joined together, and we refuse to dissolve the 'walls' of those mental compartments.


Largely because hazy, foggy, indistinct, unfocused, compartmentalised, fragmented thinking is associated in our brains and in our archetypes with physical survival.

In the forgotten survivalist emergencies in which our mental dysfunction originated, to think clearly meant certain death and the extinction of our tribe.
Terrible things were being done by our ancestral group to the other ancestral groups, to enable us to defeat our rivals in the ancient, primal fight to the finish to commandeer the limited resources in a wrecked world that could not sustain all it inhabitants.
We were not sufficiently mature and evolved to apply 'The Law of the Sea' and to share what was available in peace and harmony.
So we succumbed to the totally unnecessary inter-tribal wars.
And to wage wars of such savagery, we had to sink deeper and deeper into collective mental illness.

We are not naturally savage and cruel.
Therefore to get through those terrible times, we had to stop thinking clearly, to stop seeing what we were doing to other tribes, and - above all - to stop ourselves from analysing the idiotic slogans being spouted at us by our 'leader,' the 'messiah.'

Our 'messiah' was the most severely mentally ill man that our tribe had been able to produce, and therefore the most viciously cruel military leader, and so this mentally deranged 'messiah' was our only hope for survival in a mentally ill world engaged in a fight to the finish for limited resources.

If we had allowed ourselves to actually hear what the messiah was saying to us, we would have thrown up our hands and yelled: 'this man is a degenerate, dragging us down to his level of debasement; we can't listen to this madman any more.'

But if we had done that - if we had allowed ourselves to see the messiah as he really was, and to think clearly about what our tribe was doing to other human beings - we would have stopped doing it and so we would have been overrun and annihilated by the barbarians.

In the dire emergency in which we found ourselves, the only way we could keep going was by compartmentalising our thinking, so that we no longer could see the world and our own behaviour as they actually were.

We can call this 'the psychology of the survivalist emergency,' and it's a sadly dysfunctional way for anyone to be thinking and behaving, and that means all of us, for the past eleven thousand years.


After a while, the volcanic clouds dispersed, the 'new' sun appeared in the sky, rising in a new 'east,' with a new pole star and all the heavenly bodies in a new orientation to the daily and annual rotation of the earth. Fertile river basins reappeared in new locations ("Promised Land"), tribal boundaries stabilised at the armistice lines of the primal wars, vampirism and cannibalism were outlawed by the majority of tribes, and things calmed down a bit....
But apart from that we still retained 'the psychology of the survivalist emergency,' with its dysfunctional, hazy mode of thinking, our view of the world still dismembered and fragmented into 'idea-tight' compartments.
Our tribe had survived the aftermath of the catastrophe by adopting this hazy, compartmentalised thinking, so it was firmly associated in our brains and in our archetypes with physical survival.
And all living organisms have an almost irresistible compulsion to keep repeating whatever behaviour is associated with physical survival.

Our educational / academic arrangements mirror this ancient mental dysfunction. We see it as 'normal' to specialise, to cut off each department of learning from all the others - a sure way of keeping humankind ignorant and retarded, by preventing us from seeing ourselves and the world as they actually are.

So that largely explains WHY - when the correct analysis and healing formula are so simple and easy to understand - people still refuse to think the right thoughts.
In the forgotten survivalist emergencies which drove us insane in the first place, joined-up thinking - seeing the world as it really is - was a death sentence. We survived those dire times only by our refusal to think and see clearly.
To REFUSE to think and see clearly, to REFUSE to join the fragments together and see the real picture, is associated in our brains and archetypes with physical survival.

To think clearly TERRIFIES the average human being, and now you know why.

And so, after six years of searching, I still have not found even one other human being who wants to end human suffering in the only way human suffering ever can be ended - by simply making a start at preparing to abolish the pain-generating societal arrangements that cause human suffering.

To think clearly terrifies human beings because to think clearly meant certain death and the extinction of our tribe in the forgotten survivalist emergencies that made us what we are.

Everything goes into reverse in a survivalist emergency.
Right is reclassified as wrong in a survivalist emergency.
Evil is reclassified as good in a survivalist emergency.
Stupidity is reclassified as wisdom in a survivalist emergency.

It was never necessary, not in the final analysis, but we were not mature enough to behave any differently back then.
So we have inherited the collective mental illness of our ancestors, and we are unable to see our universal intellectual impairment and stunted emotions. We're not even aware of our condition yet - because 'joined-up,' clear-headed thinking was a death sentence back then, and hazy, indistinct, compartmentalised thinking even today remains associated with physical survival.

And so we cling blindly to this dysfunctional mode of thought, where everything is seen in isolated fragments and the complete picture eludes us so that any sustainable progress and genuine healing is impossible under present conditions.



Our civilisation will continue to decay in slow motion. Apart from all our other suicidal activities, the unstoppable, ever increasing build-up of "animal tested" (=untested) poisons, in our bodies and everywhere else, will eventually cause the entire biosphere to collapse, leaving only a few survivors who will be dependent for a time on vampirism and cannibalism, just as in the ancient past.

And this will supply the unprecedented opportunity for the survivors to replace the present insanity with sanity.

I'm keeping fluent and articulate, in case a breakthrough comes in my lifetime and I'm asked to assist with the healing process. It may or may not happen. The breakthrough, when it comes, whether in a few years or a few thousand years from now, may have no connection with my contribution (except that it will include the same analysis and healing formula, because there is no other way out of our present madness).

Still, the responsible thing to do, in these days of slow-motion decay in a dying civilisation, is to continue to make this simple analysis and healing formula available and to remain fluent and articulate in speaking it.
The Law of the Sea

The Forbidden Subjects

Declaration for Healing

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To Think Was To Die *PIC*
Admirable Steadfastness ;) plus: Bloodhound Gang - "The Bad Touch":D *PIC*
for scientific research: uncensored full version of "The Bad Touch" - lyrics also, LOL :D
Re: Admirable Steadfastness ;) plus: Bloodhound Gang - "The Bad Touch":D *PIC*
Re: Admirable Steadfastness ;) plus: Bloodhound Gang - "The Bad Touch":D *LINK*
Re: Admirable Steadfastness ;) plus: Bloodhound Gang - "The Bad Touch":D
Well Stated..... Loved your Thoughts Peter. Thank you!!!!!! *NM*
and after the test
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