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so in-depth and comprehensive, should be posted publicly, dispensed at every corner *PIC*

Also some spelling cleared, many people spell 'Rothschild' as 'roths child' LOL like 'offspring of roths' or something whereas it should be spelled 'roth shield'.

BTW, the real full name of the sicko dy-nasty is 'Amsel Meyer Bauer'. (1) (2) (3)
originally written Amschel Mayer Rothschild
(Amschel like Herzel, Herschel, Barschel et al)

(1) Amsel = blackbird, in French: merle,
the most prominent twitter(!) and beloved songbird in Europe. Birds are in the lineage of amphibians and reptiles, they are no mammals,
the bird's female organ for liquid excrement and insemination aka pregnancy is not separated as with mammals. Male birds have a penis similar to mammals but huge in comparison. They intrude the female double-organ called 'cloacae'. Birds don't pee! The reptile's womb is outside, in fact it's the egg in the nest. Very intelligent and advantageous. The birds don't have to carry the fruit of their body with them for a long period of time, thus are better able to fly and have better chances to survive. No breasts necessary.
Blackbirds are very communicative, are excellent flyers, have eyes with far exceeding capabilities and have relatively big ears (not to be seen because hidden by feathers). The feet of blackbirds are like a sonar, they feel what's going on in the underground.

(2) Meyer (german, latin origin: maior, magnus) = top administrator and top manager for the owner of the land, town, city, community. After a while some 'meyers' became so mighty and influential that the owners had to get rid of them by means of generous donations.
Meyer once was seen as the most popular German family name.

varieties of the name are:
Meier, Meyer, Mayor, Maier, Mayer, Mayr, Mair or Meir (Golda Meir e.g.)

(3) Bauer = farmer, peasant, the widest spread profession for centuries, the basic job to earn a living for the 'hard working class'.

See how slyly the creator of the jewish money lender ilk chose his family name to 'win (that is to dupe and mislead) the hearts and minds'
of the gullible gentiles. Of course his real name within the CAHAL was 'hebrew', quite different and kept away from the public.

The real brand of the RothSchilds (still) IMO is the red shield for common ground aka communism with the symbolized hammer-and-sickle for the number thirteen (13th tribe).

Keeping this in my mind, you may ask what about the communist 'rogue' states: China, North Korea, Cuba?

For one-dimensional thinkers hard to grab, but after some 'off-road research' put into context,
they can be assured that these rogue states are controlled by the Meyer Amsel Bauer dynasty brethren as well, even more than the other so-called democratic spheres of influence.

Could anybody have invented or chosen a better name for the global task and endeavor of the RothSchilds?

So please keep in mind: Amschel Mayer Bauer or


AMSEL -> Twitter with oversight and control
MEYER -> Administrator behaving as owner
BAUER -> Farmer of prosperous live-stock areas

The Star of David with the blue hexagram between two blue stripes:

Greater Israel between the rivers Nile and Euphrat-Tigris, Eretz Israel, the Holy Homeland, the Central Area for world domination at the crossroads of commerce and supply lines, a point of political gravity between the continents.

Hexagram = 666 but also the symbol of the Overlord, the unification of Yin and Yang, male and female, top and bottom, the shape of a fortress with peaks to the outward, and many other implications.

just a few thoughts as an add-on of what pops up in my mind and memory at the moment

PS: If I were an extra-terrestrial who comes here to planet earth from a further developed civilisation sent as a MEYER (administrator who can act as an owner) I would consider to cross-breed mammalian and amphibian DNA.
I would try severals strands: take the best adapted and most intelligent species from every line and try to create within the frame of earthly resources the 'being in my/our image', some beneficial non-mundane DNA added as far as it is possible and desirable.

What had to be said!

Amschel Mayer Rothschild
with Maltese Templar Cross on his chest. Interesting, isn't it?
Some special agents, self-proclaimed NWO- Contras pretend that Maltese and Templar symbols are ANTI-RothSchild. Can this be true? What does it look like, the flag of Caucasian Georgia? Who invented the tale that Europeans are originally from Caucasia? And why? Murdoch's myspace promotes the misleading term 'Caucasian' for 'White' or 'European'. What's the vile intention behind it? Look at the average nowadays Caucasian phenotype and compare with the (still existent) average Northern European. Where's the resemblence?

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FINALLY some truth that I understand!! The Zionist Elephant In The Room *LINK*
And In Point of FACT, that was the FINEST article I've read about WHO is FARKING UP this Planet....name by name by name........ *NM*
Well Done David Icke.... that indeed was correct... and dire! *NM*
so in-depth and comprehensive, should be posted publicly, dispensed at every corner *PIC*
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