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By:Robert Alford Darby, Date: 5/11/09 12:07 pm






GodlikeProduction Archives

Nancy is live on GodLikeProduction every Saturday night, since Nov 12, 2005. Please note this is in the Forum on GodlikeProduction, not in the Chatroom there. The archive list below links to any new ZetaTalk emerging during the hour. The archives from IRC live chats between Nov 2001 and May 2003 are also available.


(SELECTED EXCERPT Questions and Answers)

Topics covered in this live chat:

Second Sun video, Claford crop circle, Pole shift slosh, Light wheels, Open contact, Infant psychology, Telepathic computers, Reincarnation, California wildfires, Zapper cures, Debunking campaign, Europe future, May disclosure, Alien artifacts, Alien rules, Alien abuse, European leaders, Possession, Council of Worlds, Moon future, Republican rage, Perpetual batteries, Past lives, Disrespecting humans, Alien control, Alien fist fights, Schumann Resonance, Reptilians, Collective conscious, Blaming aliens, Pelosi attack, Moon orbit, Pole shift positives.

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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, written May 9, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.


Question: How will the moon be affected by the passage of Planet X? Will the passage cause changes to the orbit or rotation of the moon? Will the moon move to 4th density along with the Earth?

Answer: The Moon will continue to hug the Earth during the passage. And will be present in 4th Density also, as so many life forms are dependent upon the tides.


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ZetaTalk: Earth Switch, Note: written Jul 15, 1995

Just as living beings, such as ourselves and yourselves, can be in different densities, coexisting in the same spot but being unaware of each other, so planets can and do so coexist. 4th Density planets are not as prevalent as planets in the root density, for obvious reasons. Planets are moved to 4th Density only to support life in 4th Density, and most planets do not have any life at all. So what does the Universe then look like, in 4th Density? Sparse. Imagine your Solar System, its Sun always visible and the orbiting planets among the many stars in the sky. In 4th Density there will be a Sun, but its appearance will be different - not as bright, and more pale. Will astronomers have to adjust to a new night sky? Most certainly, as there will be fewer stars and many of the old guides will be gone. However, as this change will take place shortly after the cataclysms, with all its travails and gloomy cloud cover, any telescopes operational will be
useless. Even today, astronomers require a clear night. When the scientific community has regrouped, new maps of the sky will be redrawn, with only an occasional scratch of the head as to why the skies, too, have changed.

• After the switch, humans will be able to look directly at the new 4th Density Sun without distress or injury.

Sunburn will be a thing of the past. Where the Sun will be less intense, the winters will be more extreme, creating an Earth with less land mass in a habitable zone.

Rather than a steamy equator, the equator will be essentially temperate and the poles will occupy almost half the available surface areas. Lest this seem grim, it should be understood that ice at the poles ties up much water in the form of ice, and the sea level will thus drop several hundred feet. All in all, a good trade off. Since this will occur some 100 years or more after the pole shift this should not affect any humans currently worried about surviving the pole shift. All humans surviving the pole shift will have died, and incarnated safely elsewhere, before this climate change occurs.

• After the switch, humans will find their Moon has traveled with them to 4th Density, as its influence on the tides is something life on Earth has come to rely on and has adapted to. Without the Moon, the many forms of life in tidal pools would die and the cleansing action of washing tides would cease.

• After the switch, humans will find all the plants and animals now on the 3rd Density Earth, their beautiful world, has also moved. The humans of the future, the hybrids we are developing, will not live in a lifeless 4th Density world - spare, bleak, without vegetation, song birds, or fish. Where we will leave some agents of disease behind, the human body will still be subject to stress and degenerative diseases, as well as aging, as all this is inherent in the genetic structure of the human body. Lions and tigers and wolves will also come along, as without predators your wild herds would soon create a population problem. The starvation of many versus the occasional quick kill. Nature will continue as before.

• After the switch humans will find that all humans whether they have graduated to a 4th Density spiritual plane or not, have moved. For some entities, they will recall living through the cataclysms and then later through a time when humans seemed more mentally connected and in touch with one another. Then, upon death, they will be moved to another 3rd Density world, with others who will share these memories.

Back to 3rd Density, to continue their orientation lesson.

All rights reserved: ZetaTalk@ZetaTalk.com


Question: Why the moon is near the constellation Crux. What is the movement that listens to the moon be in this position, or is the Earth that moved on the constellations?

Answer: The Moon's orbit has had an increased tilt since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. It is too far to the north for half the month, then too far to the south. It is the Earth that is wobbling and the Moon that is tilting, so in your view the Moon is out of place at times.



The Original TNT Bulletin Board


Posted By: Robert Alford Darby, Date: 12/24/08 11:35 a.m.


Have you been checking the location of the sun, moon and constellations in the day and night skies over America recently?

Have you noticed they seem to be at odds with the usual annual progression of location and the seasons change and the days go by one at a time?

Enoch told us about these anomalies long ago. They are heavenly signs of the times.

Most people have little knowledge of astronomy and are therefore ignorant of what the analema and star charts can teach us about what is happening to our home planet during this time of Transition and Transformation.

Of course, the passage of Nibiru has progressed also and now The Destroyer (another name for Nibiru) is coming closer to Earth and the Pole Shift is at hand.

Please take the time to acquaint yourself with what The Passage means to you and all of mankind.

The world as we know it is ending, soon, very soon. Even today earth changes are in progress, the tectonic plate stress is building up to a snap point and perhaps the long awaited New Madrid Snap will change our lives drastically in the very near future.

Following is an article I posted on Bloginservice, Extreme News Posts, Articles by Friends of Bloginservice, Articles by Others, several years ago.


Sunrise at the Extreme of the Chariot in the East
By: Robert Darby,Date: June 21, 2005

Enoch is on a tour conducted by The Seven Holy Ones. He learns all there is to know, even about the future - our present time, which is referred to as the days of the sinners. Upon completion of the tour he is taken home by the angels and told he will have less than two years, they would come and get him in the second year, to relate to his family all he had learned from his tour and the explanations given by the Seven Holy Ones.

One thing Enoch does is present the reader with a clear idea of the orderliness of nature. He details the pattern of sunrise and sunset with the changes in portals. A second thing he does is tell his family that the message is for the people living in a distant time. A third thing is that the Sun will rise in the various portals and set in the same numbered opposite portal most days.

In Enoch (Book 3, Astronomy) Chapter 80, beginning at verse 1 the angel Uriel is speaking to Enoch and in verse 5 he said, "And in those days the sun shall be seen and he (the Sun) shall journey in the evening on the extremity of the great chariot in the west and shall shine more brightly than accords with the order of Light."

I heard on a radio talk show early this year that someone has determined the Sun is forty-two percent brighter at present than in prior years. Maybe you heard the same report. I think it was even in one of the Zetatalk Signs of the Times.

Actually, this morning my memory fails me as to exactly where I heard and/or read that report.

The extremity in the west is that place that becomes north, azimuth 315. That is where the Sun sets in the evening recently as viewed from El Paso, Texas. The extremity of the east is azimuth 45 and that is where the Sun rose this morning, Tuesday, June 21, 2005, at 0604 hours MDST. It has been rising and setting in approximately the same location for months, although the Earth Tilt, Lean and Wobble spoken of in Zetatalk, has caused the Sun to rise and set far to the south also.

I, and I may be the only one thinking we are living in the days of the sinners, do believe we are living in the days spoken of by the angel Uriel.

If you have not yet read the five books of Enoch (They can be accessed and downloaded by going to the Home/Main page of Bloginservice.com or to the Orbits page of Zetatalk without charge) you may not know that Enoch also related to his family "They (the sinners) shall perish."

I know that Nibiru is in our Solar System between Earth and the Sun and that soon it will rapidly pass by Earth causing a pole shift and enormous loss of life.

Perhaps you, too, could read what is recorded in the Five Books of Enoch, check on the place of sunrise and sunset as viewed from your location on Earth and make a decision as to whether or not to believe the Sun is rising and setting at the extremities as Uriel told Enoch it would do in the days of the sinners.

Do not let anyone tell you Mars is coming soon! Nibiru is coming soon!

By Robert Darby



Moon South

Oct 21, 2004


The moon tonight [Oct 21] at my location North of Dallas-Fort Worth was true to the half-moon pattern of the last couple of months. South. Way South. Further, rotation began right at the predictable pont of its highest transit.


Last night's half moon [Oct 19] was too far South here in Mississippi by probably 12 - 15 degrees or more.
Last night, Sunday [Oct 17] here in El Paso at 6:08 AM, the Moon was at Azi 225°, Alt 35° and the sliver was no bigger than a week ago. It is not waxing and it is not waining. It is just kind of stuck as a small sliver. Is there an explanation?

Skymap expects Azi 195° Alt 30°. Too far SOUTH by 30° for El Paso so the shadow from Earth is increased.
Skymap omitted from this posting.

The World We Know Will End Soon!

PS. The Five Books of Enoch can be downloaded free from the BBS Radio Archives.

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