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Beacons of Light for March 2009: "Technology Download, A Cosmic Event"

~ Beacons of Light ~
Re-minders from Home
March 2009

Technology Download
A Cosmic Event

From Steve:

This month's message from the group is about an event that will take place on July 21
and 22, 2009. For many years they have talked about the correlation between
technology and human vibration. The short version is that our technological advances
are a direct reflection of the level of our collective human vibration. As the collective
vibration rises, higher technologies can take hold on Earth. Many times in our history
higher technologies have been planted that have not taken hold. For instance, when
humans discovered semi-conductors? the heart of why a computer works? It was
actually a seed that was intentionally planted many years prior during the early 1900's.
When Hitler finally left the planet it signaled new possibilities, and many arrived on
Earth from the days of Atlantis. As those children grew up they hit an awakening point,
when the collective vibration of humanity literally jumped in the 1960's and 1970's.
Because of this vibrational shift, the semi-conductor took hold and quickly evolved into
the many computer- based devices that we now rely upon everyday.

Over the two days of July 21st and 22nd, a window will open and higher technologies
will once again drop into our world. A new seed is being planted and it's a big one. If
during these two days the human collective vibration reaches a level that it can support
these new technologies, they will take hold and immediately and show up as "new
inventions" in the very near future. However, if the collective is not yet high enough,
some of the new technologies will get very close but will not work consistently. It would
be similar to what has happened with cold fusion thus far.

Although the possibilities are endless, there are two specific occurrences to watch for.
Most of us can actually remember life before computers and cell phones, but these
technologies are now an integral part of our daily lives; we depend on them. To help
put this in perspective, the technologies that lie directly in front of us would amount to
technological advances 12 times greater than the previous major shift experienced with
the advent of the computer. Importantly, these technologies can help us to stop
polluting the Earth and help Her to re-balance. The example they gave was the
teleportation of live biological material (aka The Star Trek transporter) , which could
eliminate carbon emissions from vehicles almost overnight. They said it is actually very
close since it has been in our collective consciousness for many years. If the collective
vibration is high enough on these dates in July, the new technologies can take hold and
grow into reality right from the start.

They also brought up one other important point. They said that this time things were
different and that none of us would evolve until all of us evolved; they even said that the
lowest vibration of human on Earth will decide how fast all humans evolve. For more,
see last month's message "2009 the End of Separation." With this in mind our tasks as
Lightworkers become a little clearer.

Showing compassion to those around us in all vibrational levels can be critical
especially right now. I'll bet most of you never thought that being kind and
compassionate to your annoying neighbor could save the Earth!

Big Hugs and gentle nudges,

Steve Rother
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From the group:

Greetings from Home.

Dear creators of Heaven on Earth. You are closer than you ever imagined. Your dreams
are about to come true in many ways. We tell you this in the midst of what you call a
crisis which is not a crisis. It is the natural evolution of where you are going. We told you
we will speak of an unusual event that will take place on July 21st and July 22nd. It is
not possible to predict the exact moment or hour it will take place as humans continue
shifting. Let us explain what is taking place in concepts we have already presented so
that you can see this cosmic event.

Humans are evolving at an incredible rate. It is causing many difficulties on many levels.
The biggest challenge on planet Earth is that humans no longer have much of the time
lag that protects you from your own thoughts. Because of the fact that you are creators,
each and every one of you, the moment you have a thought, it happens. Because of
that, the fear that can be held in the hearts of humans becomes the greatest challenge
at this point in your evolution. Your creative powers are increasingly getting stronger.
Yet your attachment to the old energy of light, dark and polarity is also creating a
negative situation, because you can create your greatest fears more easily than ever
before. This is happening in many places where people are not aware of their own
powers, and it will be a critical part of what is happening on these two days. A
measurement will be taking place which is not the typical type taken of planet Earth.
Instead it will be a measurement of the collective vibration of humanity, which is being
measured for a specific reason.

Technology Download on July 21 and 22, 2009

We have spoken many times about the balance between technology and spiritual
evolution. The level of technology on your planet is determined by the level of the
overall,or collective,vibratio n of all humans on Earth. There have been many times
on Earth where new technology was literally dropped on this planet by other life forms.
Although this was usually done in an honest attempt to help humanity evolve, that
technology did not work. It worked for the other life forms, but it did not work for you.
Quite simply, it did not work because the collective vibration of humanity was not high
enough to support that technology.

There is a rather large download of technology that is coming to this planet on July 21st
and 22nd. If the vibration on those days is high enough to support it, it will immediately
take hold and grow.

Do you re-member what your lives were like without computers only a few years ago?.
Harnessing the technology of computers was a huge step that has to some degree
impacted nearly every facet of your daily lives. This next step could be 12 times as
powerful as the last one. Not only will computers change radically, but technologies that
have been in the collective thoughts of humanity may now quickly manifest. Some of
these have been in the collective thoughts for many years just waiting to activate. Those
technologies never manifested before because the collective vibration of humanity was
not high enough to support it. We get to tease you this day with one of the many things
that may happen as a result of your own evolution.

Transporter Technology

There was a television series years ago titled Star Trek. Today, most of the
technologies in that program have already manifested on Earth. But one technology
that has never manifested is the molecular transportation of live, human, biological
material. It was called a transporter. That is directly in front of you at this time, if the
collective vibration of humanity is high enough to support it. Do you see how quickly that
will shift some of the major challenges that face humanity today? How quickly you will
be able to start helping Mother Earth re-juvenate, helping her birthing process. When
this new technology takes hold on Earth there will be many changes very rapidly. It is no
secret that if this technology does take hold at this juncture, there will be many who will
fight it because it will seem too good to be true. There are many corporations and
governments who are heavily invested in oil who will not be too happy when this
unfolds, and they may attempt to prevent or hide it.

Understand the changes that are right in front of you, dear ones. These are the same
things that have created wars on your planet many times, but it does not have to be that
way now. Today, there is more communication on planet Earth than ever before
because of the technological advances. We are using your technology right now to
reach your hearts, and it is beautiful because you have created that.

What If We Don't Make It?

What happens if you do not make it? Well, that is simple. The new technology will be
downloaded again, over and over until the collective human vibration is able to receive
it. For the first time, it will be downloaded on this planet July 21st and 22nd in 2009
when part of the veil is being removed, so this could be an optimum time for the new
technology to take hold and develop. Every time you have watched those science fiction
television shows or movies and thought how wonderful it would be for a person to be
able to instantly disappear here and reappear there, you have been planting the seeds
that are now about to sprout. It has been marvelous to watch. Every time you think how
wonderful that would be, you send those thoughts out as a creation. When the collective
vibration reaches a level high enough to support it, then it manifests. That energy is
about to manifest. For the first time this technology may be supported by the collective
vibration of humanity. Please understand that the human transporter is only one of
many technologies that will emerge very quickly. We use the transporter as the
example, because one can see how such a technology could change the face of planet
Earth practically overnight. It is also one of the easiest technologies for us to describe,
because you have been dreaming about it for many years now. Many of you as children
came in with the knowledge that you could transport without machinery, yet you could
not quite seem to get it to work when the teacher was looking or when you had to prove
it to somebody. Those are deep memories that you have of your own capabilities, and
when the collective vibration is high enough planet Earth will take a giant forward leap.

Do not fear these technologies, for they can be the salvation of planet Earth and the
human race. If you think these technological advances will make life easier, they will
not. Mankind will have more choices than ever before, but even that can be seen as a
difficulty, because it is during these times that many of you will be called into action.
Many will come to you because they are stuck, unable to move forward even though a
new world awaits them. Many of you will know how to help people during these times of
great change. It will be one of the common ailments of the new Earth and many are
even experiencing it prior the first drop.

Collective Vibration

We have been using the term "collective vibration," so first let us describe it more
clearly. There was a cosmic event that took place in the days of Lemuria. Out of a pure
desire, many Lemurians created a separation of humanity and souls that had never
before been seen on the planet. It did not work the way they thought it would. Instead
of helping humanity to ascend to the next level, the separation resulted in the sinking of
Atlantis. In the days directly following that tragic event, many collective decisions were
made to hide certain technologies from the human race because they could so easily be
misdirected. Those same technologies are the ones that will be revealed to you very
soon. They no longer need to be hidden and the Earth can greatly benefit from them at
this time.

There was a collective decision that was made because of these events. The separation
caused so many problems, as separation always does. After the sinking of Atlantis
humans decided they would never try to separate again. This time the ascension
process will only happen when the lowest person is high enough to ascend. This time,
everyone goes or no one goes. That is your decision, not ours. You are on the planet of
free choice but that was your collective decision and is still standing to this day.

What to Do?

In the time between now and when this technology appears in your world, seek out a
way to reach anyone you can with your smile, your heart, and your unconditional love.
Judge no one for their path or actions during this time. Forgiveness will be one of the
most important tools on Earth during these times. Figure out ways to empower every
person around you, no matter what your relationship to them and without regard to your
history with them or their status. Now is the time to reach out and have your light felt on
planet Earth in some way. Offer assistance and empowerment to those around you,
paying special attention to those who may have fallen and have difficulty getting back in
the game. In this way, you will be the light at the end of the tunnel.

You never know when you make the big connections. It is easy to look at another's life
and think of them as a low vibration. Yet we tell you that it not possible to see another's
soul path and the life lessons they have already mastered. You may be looking at a
master in hiding and never know it until you do something to help them in some way.
Some of you think, "Who am I when I go Home? Why would anybody celebrate my life?
I did not win the Nobel Prize, and I did not create peace on planet Earth." But you never
know. It could be that the stranger your smile briefly catches in passing may be the one
who has the big hand that reaches out and touches the rest of the entire world, who
could not have done that until you activated and empowered them.

This is the time for you to carry your power as a conscious creator on planet Earth? the
time to know you are an activated Human Angel. You are the arms, legs and mouth of
god. You reflect that to people through your laughter and joy, and through the smile of a
spirit pretending to be human. This is what will make the difference in this technology
being able to take hold.

The Evolution of Humanity and Earth

There are many other possibilities that will now open up. There are some incredible
events that are happening to align Earth and humanity for what is ahead. For the past
five years on planet Earth there has been a bottleneck of technology, and now it is
being released in a very big way. It will happen in many areas, so brace yourselves,
dear ones. You are getting ready to go through the evolution of planet Earth and the
evolution of humanity. You have asked for it, you have created it and we have only one
answer: And So It Is.

We are in such joy to see you take your power. As you pull away the veil, you start to
see who you really are. That, to us, means more than you will ever know for you have
completed your sacred contracts with us already. It does not mean that we need to
leave you. What it means is that you are now activated as a conscious creator and a
Human Angel. You have a part to play on this planet, and it is time for each and every
one of you to take responsibility for your energy and your own happiness. Start by
finding what makes you smile and do it as often as you can. Touch others as often as
you can, for it is a gift of humanity. With all the might of heaven, we cannot touch you
the way you touch each other with compassion, reassurance and hope. It will be
happening in a very big way, so work with all of humanity. Work with every part of every
heart because it will be the lowest vibration on this planet that will determine whether
this technology will stick. There is still plenty of time. You only need one day to do it and
you have many.

Celebrate Light

July 21 and July 22 of 2009 are days to celebrate. We will not tell you if you succeeded,
because that will put us in a position of taking your power from you and we will not do
that. You will know and if not, trust that it will be coming soon anyway. The new
technology will be dropped again at regular intervals until it takes. Many trigger points
will take place, far too many to try to tell you about. Although this is not a formal
measurement of any kind, it is a measurement of the collective universal vibration of
humanity. You should be very proud of this, because those of you leading the way have
done an incredible job on planet Earth already. If we could only show you what you
have already done on an individual basis, you would never doubt yourselves again.

No More Time Lag

Know that the time lag of conscious creation on planet Earth is almost gone. Only small
parts remain for your own safety, because the time lag kept you from creating your
greatest fears. It gave you the opportunity to say, "No. Never mind. I don't think I want
that after all." Now, it is going to happen so fast that you will not have time in the same
way so brace yourselves, creators. The veil is coming off. You have asked for it. Yes, it
will create some havoc on planet Earth. You designed it that way. Watch what happens
next, because all of it is leading toward something higher and better that you will see
much of over the next five years. In the next five years this planet will experience a huge
evolutionary process. It has already begun. The clock is ticking, but we want to tell you
that when you touch another soul, it will make a tremendous difference on the planet
almost overnight.

Enjoy the ride, dear ones. You have created a very beautiful road to travel on. You have
created an incredible path not only for the collective vibration of humanity to follow, but
for you to individually follow as you find your own passions and those things that bring
you joy. That is what grounds the spirit in the physical body, and that is now more
possible than ever before. Enjoy the ride, dear ones. It will be a tremendous joy to see
what is ahead. It is all your creation. Know that you are god and we are very proud of

It is with the greatest of honor that we give you these messages. It is our sacred
contract to be here just in case humanity awakened, and here you are. Welcome Home,
dear ones. Now you have a chance to do it again. The days of Lemuria and Atlantis are
back, and you are here correcting it, doing it differently this time. Welcome Home. We
ask you simply to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and play well


The group
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