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Just my own "SENSE" about all these newest formations... tells me....

That our Reunion is Here.......... and that these off-world and ancient architects, or family members rather, of the human race are now going to play a more active role in the rebirth of our _SELF.

Come to think of it..... it almost feels like an "integration" of energy dispersments, in such a way as to be felt globally and sequencially.... oddly. (okay... i read that somewhere...)

People often tell me there are many off-worlders helping us at this time, and the Earth... out of sight, but certainly there. However, in the next statement the same people usually insist the off-worlders will not do it for us, and that we MUST do it ourselves. I can no longer figure out which is true... however, I would like to think we will openly engage their support, love and help in the future. The answer to this question is quite important actually.


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NEW U.K. CROP CIRCLE - barbury castle *LINK*
Just my own "SENSE" about all these newest formations... tells me....
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So Far.............. *NM* *LINK*
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