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Respecting your beliefs, But....

Mr. Dalby,
In response to your post. No, I have no recollection of going to heaven in this life time. I do respect your beliefs and truths. I feel that we should respect each others beliefs and truths. But, you asked me a question and made a statement of, have I done the research on Sylvia Browne and the Zetas?

Apparently you think I have not and that I am quite dumb in this information and just spouting off useless garbage. Well, Yes, I have done massive research in both the Zetas and Silvia Browne, because at one time in my life I too believed in them both. After paying close attention to Silvia Browne and being a close follower of her, her books, work shops and seminars, I started to see many reasons for question on the truth of the information that she was giving to people and after paying $700.00 us dollars for a reading and she told me when I wanted to know if my Grand Mother and Aunt would be ok, she said yes, and they would soon be coming to visit me or I would go to them and she said they were up North, Well...guess what! my Grand Mother had been dead then for 30 years and my Aunt dead for 4 years.When I told her, But, my Aunt and Grand Mother is dead and have been for a very long time, she ended the reading abruptly. Nothing in her reading was true or accurate, But, she now had my $700.00us dollars and I just had to be grateful that I had just learned a very costly lesson and now I would just forgive my foolish innocence and move on, "Lesson well learned on my side of the experience".

So, Yes, I know all about the Silvia Browne's out there that are taking desperate peoples money and becoming rich with no care, respect or conscious for the people that come to them trusting them in times of great grief and need for some kind of direction and solace. To me this is very CRUEL and WRONG.

The Zetas, Well, everyone that was listening and following them including me found them to be a Huge Liar when they said Planet X was hitting the Earth in 2003 and told people to have their animals killed so they did not have to go through all the suffering. Well, Mr. Dalby, No Planet X hit the Earth in 2003 and the only thing the Zetas said regarding that, trying to cover their lying tracks was that they made a mistake, or at least that is what Nancy came up with that they said.

So, in all respect of your beliefs, No, I Do Not believe the Zetas or Silvia Browne any more. In case you would like to see the response of others regarding these two besides what I have said, check out just a small portion of how and what others are saying about them too that has had second thought and questions regarding if they are really to be followed, trusted and believed in.

The best to you and your beliefs and no attack intended, we each follow our own beliefs and heart and what's good for you is ok and what's good for me is ok too. Now, just a thought, looking at things objectively, you ask me if I have ever been, seen or remember heaven. I would like to ask you. You say the Zetas come in and out of this dimension and others freely. Have you seen them or seen them do this? or have you been to heaven or are you just believing and following what others are saying? This once again is no attack with all due respect, But, I would like your intellectual response to this query and what makes you believe this is true?

Sylvia Browne


Zetas and Ms. Nancy Lieder


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Respecting your beliefs, But....
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