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CERN Conjuring SHIVA -- The God of Destruction?! :D (That's okay, they'll send us the Lord of the Flies...) :O *PIC*

ConCERNed With Saturn



So what is a huge statue of a Hindu god doing out in front of a place of Science?  They put a massive statue of Lord SHIVA dancing on the back of a demon-dwarf-man who symbolizes "ignorance"... ignorance of WHAT -- in THEIR estimation...?  SHIVA is the god of Destruction who is to Destroy the World & the Universe -- so that everyone & everything can be reincarnated & come back in the "likeness" of the ET "gods"???  Since Lord SHIVA is the god who is known as the Destroyer, maybe we should keep a closer eye on the little GodHeads in Switzerland with their "God particle" & their GateKeeper for those wandering "stars"... Imagine the uproar if they put a statue of Yeshua (Jesus) out front? Or the Ten Commandments? But no one seems to have a problem with SHIVA being there!

SHIVA in his manifestation of Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance & the God of Destruction... Undecided

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