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David Wilcock Debunked? Same as Benjamin Fulford? *PIC*

Some trouble to come this way?

In MY humble opinion David Wilcock - to me - appears to be a trained professional special agent. not unlike many others who allegedly fight against those phantoms which exactly represent what they themselves practice within their own reign of influence.

Wilcock claims to be a psychic healer and a channeler, he is best known for a series called ‘the law of one’ which is his philosophical background which lays down the basic fundementals to a vast complex theory.

The main goal of this in-depth analysis is to determine if David Wilcock’s testimony is genuine, if so if he is being manipulated in any way and whether or not he has an agenda or over value for his audience to pick up on.

David Wilcock has a vast collection of information on his website www.divinecosmos.com

On his website he shares a large amount of information which to the most part seems to be valid and fair to consider. As well as uncovering the physical mysteries of our reality, Wilcock (like David Icke) shares a tremendous amount of information concerning the origin of evil on this planet, in other words the research involving the ‘illuminati’

Wilcock claims that not only was William Shakespear a fictional character, but that the group of people that were really writing the material under this name used an illiterate homeless person as the figure in which this eminent piece of our culture would represent.

[Wilcock] He says that the Rothschild faction is directly in control of the drugs and weapons trade. This is how they make their vast amounts of money to fund their black projects, he also claims that the Rothschilds have a hand in big pharma. A rather odd suggestion is that he says the Rothschild also control Hollywood and the music industry even though he himself is a soon to be well known film producer and currently a recording artist.

Most of his historical theories about the Illuminati and Secret Societies seem to be verified by present day research. Though, as it will be later shown. Wilcock has very biased opinions about the Illuminati today.
This seems to be Wilcock’s agenda, to make the Illuminati look like they are losing. He says that the Rockerfeller side of the Illuminati will fall then quickly the Rothschild family will fall. This is the same theory brought about by Ben Fulford a Jesuit Canadian who has deep connections to Japanese mob and the Rockerfeller family, Wilcock is a close friend of Benjamin Fulford.
Wilcock will even go further and say that some members of these factions are ‘leaving the order and waking up.’

Some signs that Wilcock may have been ‘gotten to’ is that he openly supports the military and voting. In the opinion of the analyst he is either either brainwashed, mind controlled, a fake, a clone, or just plain stupid.

When it is all said and done there are a number of key aspects that prove that David Wilcock is some kind of an intelligence agent and that his role is to perpetuate a certain frame of mind to the public and may or may not be entirely based on truth, though it seems some of it is. A number of different ‘projects’ have been mentioned by Wilcock in his work. It seems as though things like “montauk” and “looking glass” may not be the entire truth. A number of different names have been brought up by people like William Cooper and Stewart Swerdlow. Some people claim ‘Looking Glass’ was actually called ‘Yellowbook’ and ‘Montauk’ was actually called ‘Rainbow’ this could mean that Wilcock’s disclosure of these technology is not entirely based on fact and it could be hiding a deeper truth. Though it seems that the main goal of Wilcock is to intentionally confuse researchers and to condition them into believing that the Illuminati is divided and that some kind of struggle is going on within the new world order, this is classic ‘art of war’ and the basic foundation of deception.


1-30-2009: How to spot a spook (truth suppression)
Alix (aka Spark of Life), Simon (LordTsukasa) and I go over our checklist to spot spooks on message boards and chats.

btw David Wilcock obviously 'lent' his theories from Ervin Laszlo and many others http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ervin_Laszlo

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David Wilcock Debunked? Same as Benjamin Fulford? *PIC*
Re: David Wilcock Debunked? Same as Benjamin Fulford?
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