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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 23, 2011

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - April 23, 2011

I.   Post:                       Is This the Secret Facility Mentioned in the New Movie 'The Event'?

Vatic Note: This is up now since we are getting closer to the "time" and will find out if this is a "predictive" film.   Is this movie similar to movies in the past where the controllers of the industry tell us what they intend to do to us??? Remember "the Knowing" showed all about the blow out and the "explosions" and fire on the rig in the gulf, a solid year in advance...... add in the time it takes to produce a movie and you can be assured that meant it was planned for at least two years before it actually happened. Then see the ending of the movie that tells us how they plan on depopulating us.  This provider of this article and videos and maps has a valid and good question, and we do need to know what horrors they are planning on visiting upon us in the very near future. Is this part of the alien invasion they have planned and are beginning to tout to us through various of their controlled press and outlets???

I wondered when I read that the aliens were going to show up in this october sometime, just how they planned on fooling us with what technology that they have to do so that we do not know about. Remember what Bill Cooper told us.... they plan on using fraud through the aliens to scare the globe into coming together as a NWO to fight them, when in fact, they are not real, but it will achieve the objective. Remember also the massive lying and fraud on Global Warming, On Iraqs WMD, on 9-11, On the USS Cole, the USS Liberty, Peak Oil, and other frauds to extract even more wealth and finally a global fascist system of slave labor all across the planet.   We are about to enter a period where we will have to fight for our very lives. Its getting that bad. But we can and will prevail, as light always wins over dark and evil always has to retreat to their dungeons and hell holes. Lots to consider here, please watch this trailer. Its interesting and then please view the maps and move them to the locations he shows on here. PLEASE WATCH BOTH VIDEOS, THERE IS ONE AT THE END with an interesting interview with the actor. He was not told what the event was until it was time..... very interesting. Why? That is unusual for the actor not to have all the script for the entire show or at least his part of it.     ---  Click above link to see new videos and read more if the link does not work, then click on title..  

II. Post:                              Phil Schneider lecture - Part 1 (Underground facilities, aliens etc)



Vatic Note:  This man was not just murdered, he was brutally tortured before he was murdered.  Why?  Well, this is his legacy.... he left us this information that he risked everything to expose.   He worked as an engineer for building these underground facilities.   I don't know how much of this is true, but brutally murdering him professionally does not give one a feeling of innocence on the part of those he was exposing.  He also had scars from the fire fight in the dulcy underground facilities, so that adds a bit to his credibility  on what he was telling us all these years.    Please read,  there are videos of his seminars that are available to watch,  but I chose to use the text method due to the level of detail he provided that is invaluable.   I hope you get something out of it.   Click on link or Title for more

III.  Post:
Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates

Vatic Note:
This supports what we have been saying from the beginning,  we are occupied by a foreign nation, Israel, with a cadre of dual Israeli citizens controlling the government in various depts such as defence, state dept, intel agencies,   and finally congress.    Now they have made massive inroads along the same way they did here.  The khazars are experts  in "war by deception" using others as lackeys for the accountability portion of their actions.  Israel has killed more Americans than all the muslim countries put together using terrorist attacks, the USS Liberty ,  the USS Cole,  9-11,  and various assassinations domestically under Cheney's domestic assassination squad that is operating illegally within the United States.  This is what Australian citizens can expect if they continue down this path.  They will end up like us if they are not already too late.   It appears from their elected leaders it might be too late, so they can watch what happens to us and see what is ahead for them and maybe have more time to prepare to deal with it and them.  All these treason blogs go together, each from a different perspective.   If you truly want to see evidence of who did 9-11, please visit this blog
  Click on Link Above to read more  

IV.   Post:          Minerals that Remove Radiation From Your Body: Zeolite, Bentonite & French Green Clay

Vatic Note:     Frankly,  I get tired of all the fear pumping, gloom and doom and horrors about extinction level events and especially with radiation.   We have provided tons of stuff for each of us to do to keep the radiation from creating illness within your body and now we are adding this because your soil for growing and water will need these things to prevent the radiation from being passed onto your foods and water and ingested which is then a real problem, so watch this and get what you need to ensure your own health.   Its just like the Gulf that was suppose to be an extinction event within 6 months and so far I can't find anyone on the ground who lives there experiencing any of the stuff they continue to say is happening.... so take it for what its worth.   I am not afraid since I believe what they are trying to distract us from is the planet on its way here causing all kinds of weather anomolies,  radiation, pole shiftng,  or its HAARP, but the clouds actually seem real.   They even look real.  lol  History shows that is not an extinction event coming upon us, even  if it is the planet.    I fear more the Khazars doing "The Sampson" option.... destroy the whole earth if they can't get what they want from us.  That is more likely what is happening then anything else.    But regardless,  if  we do these things that will protect and heal us, then their fear is wasted.   Click on link above to read the rest of Comment article. 

"POWER TO THE PEOPLE",John Lennon -   Listen to this song and you will understand why they had to kill John Lennon before they began this march down the fascist path.  This was a powerful song,  watch the video,  listen to the words and the power John had to convince people they were powerful.   We are, you know, we just don't see it (the evil ones spent a lot of money making sure we don't)  and that is why they killed those artists who could make us see it.   Now we have to see it for ourselves.  Listen, watch and enjoy.

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