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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 24, 2011

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - April 24, 2011

I.   Post:                           Is Planet X almost here? Is it bringing someone with them?

Vatic Note: This is up because big changes are going on in our sky.... we are in spring in our area and every day since I moved here decades ago,  spring was clear sky, no clouds until about 2 pm, then clouds,  then rain,  lots of it,  and then clearing by 7 pm.  And the cycle starts over again.  None of that now.  If manmade then the question is what are they trying to hide???  The next question is why no rain  ever but massive on going all day long heavy dark clouds ladened with  rain, covering up the sky and sun?   When I read this and saw this I felt this is the best answer to those questions that I have seen so far.  Also this past week people in Gov disappeared, and I thought it was due to the holiday but when you try to get an answer to when they will be back,  its like a dark black hole to get that information.   So, check it out and see what you think.  I also was fascinated by a scientist discussing our DNA which is the first time anyone had ever given a reasonable believeable answer as to why we have as much in common in our DNA with sponges in the Ocean and Kangaroos in Australia as we do with Chimpanezes???  That was fascinating and maybe another rabbit hole.   Even if you don't believe any of this,  its a great film full of science that makes it hard to discount.   Take a  trip down this rabbit hole and enjoy the discovery along the way.   ---  Click above link to see new videos and read more if the link does not work, then click on title..  

II. Post:                       Dimitri Khalezov's 9-11 Nuclear Demolition Videos Being Scrubbed Off Web!


*** Whoooo, they didn't like this one either.... This is my third time.....  Its a good one though,  much I did not know is in here.  I can see why they don't want this out.   Its proves "intent",  planning and first degree mass murder. 
Vatic Note:  This is impressive,  I did not know about the melted vehicles up on the street from the explosions.  In fact, there is a lot in here I did not know and I thought I knew a lot.  Far from it.  Please take the time and then go visit the videos done that he did which are also impressive.  If you want a real education, this is the place.   IF WE CAN GET 9-11 prosecuted and adjudicated prior to their final  acts against us, I believe we can win this battle and war.  WE HAVE ALL THE EVIDENCE FROM EVERY PERSPECTIVE THAT WE NEED TO PROSECUTE AND CONVICT AND PUT THIS TO REST BEHIND US.  Then we must do the same with the Goldman sachs players,  like how did they know to clear out their offices the day of 9-11???  How did Jeb Bush know there was going to be martial law on 9-11 when he signed the florida executive order on declaring martial law in Florida and he signed it on 9-7 but dated the effective date as 9-11???  Another brilliant Bush.... lol 
    Click on link or Title for more

III.  Post:
The Libya story is total BS


Vatic Note:  The videographer on this thing has it down cold.  He had assessed it accurately.  We did a series of blogs on this subject showing that the "Rebel Leader",  was 20 years in Langley, VA , CIA head quarters.  Then we showed a blog where the first thing this rebel leader did when he had a so called "victory" was to set up an oil company since Libya has public ownership of the oil resources for the use and support of his people.   Then we saw they set up  A PRIVATE BANK THAT IS NOT A SHIRA BANK, but a ROTHSHILD FIAT CURRENCY BANK dependant on debt and taxes.  That is what these rebels were paid to do.  AMAZING.  Then we put up a blog speaking about the lack of western news information on who these rebels really are.  Here is an interesting excerpt from that blog:

“NFSL was based in Sudan until 1985 when the regime of Colonel Nimeiry fell. It opposed military and dictatorial rule in Libya, and called for a democratic government with constitutional guarantees, free elections, a free press, and separation of powers among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. NFSL launched a wide campaign to topple Gaddafi in Libya, establishing a short-wave radio station, a commando military training camp and also published a bi-monthly newsletter, Al Inqadh (Salvation). According to various sources, Saudi Arabia and the United States Central Intelligence Agency had supported the NFSL.”

About half way down the article they describe who they are and they are not "The people".   Here they are suppose to be having a revolution for the people and their first two acts were to take away from the people, that which is theirs..... their currency, banking and finally the countrys natural resource, the largest oil fields in Africa.   Water will be next,  you can take that to the fiat bank for sure.  Click on Link Above to read more  

IV.   Post:                                                       George Galloway: Saudi Arabian Invasion of Bahrain

Vatic Note:    Can you believe it? We have committed so many war crimes I can't even believe it. Look what we are condoning. The US, UK, and France, are all lined up to control the UN vote on Libya. They got a resolution passed that allows all three countries to bomb at will which exceeded the lie they told us that they were going for a no fly zone vote.  The planes were only to enforce the no fly zone.  It appears that the United Arab Emirates also are occupying Bahrain. What the heck does Bahrain have,,,,,, oh, thats right an island port.

This agenda they have is not clear.   But we must remember one thing.  History repeats itself, so remember these Khazars set Hitler up exactly the same way.  He was the designated loser right from the beginning.   He had handlers just like Bush and Obama who were khazars.   So this is some game they play for some major payoff.   I thought it was globalizing but I think its more than that.  We will have to see.   Click on link or title above for rest of story. 

V.   Post:          Minerals that Remove Radiation From Your Body: Zeolite, Bentonite & French Green Clay

Vatic Note:     Frankly,  I get tired of all the fear pumping, gloom and doom and horrors about extinction level events and especially with radiation.   We have provided tons of stuff for each of us to do to keep the radiation from creating illness within your body and now we are adding this because your soil for growing and water will need these things to prevent the radiation from being passed onto your foods and water and ingested which is then a real problem, so watch this and get what you need to ensure your own health.   Its just like the Gulf that was suppose to be an extinction event within 6 months and so far I can't find anyone on the ground who lives there experiencing any of the stuff they continue to say is happening.... so take it for what its worth.   I am not afraid since I believe what they are trying to distract us from is the planet on its way here causing all kinds of weather anomolies,  radiation, pole shiftng,  or its HAARP, but the clouds actually seem real.   They even look real.  lol  History shows that is not an extinction event coming upon us, even  if it is the planet.    I fear more the Khazars doing "The Sampson" option.... destroy the whole earth if they can't get what they want from us.  That is more likely what is happening then anything else.    But regardless,  if  we do these things that will protect and heal us, then their fear is wasted.   Click on link above to read the rest of Comment article. 

"POWER TO THE PEOPLE",John Lennon -   Listen to this song and you will understand why they had to kill John Lennon before they began this march down the fascist path.  This was a powerful song,  watch the video,  listen to the words and the power John had to convince people they were powerful.   We are, you know, we just don't see it (the evil ones spent a lot of money making sure we don't)  and that is why they killed those artists who could make us see it.   Now we have to see it for ourselves.  Listen, watch and enjoy.

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