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ALERT: Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 25, 2011

Vatic watch:   Remember, this vatic watch is for in the field personal reports on what is happening.  THIS IS AN ALERT.   If you have had rain or snow over the past few days,  PLEASE CHECK AROUND THE EDGES OF YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS AND LOOK FOR WEBBING THAT IS FIBROUS.  Its coming down from the chemtrails.  They look like distorted spider webs.  People are going into the hospital who can't breath and are vomiting with this stuff  which appears to be a pathogenic mycoplasm and they are calling it a fibrous pneumonia..... ALSO NOTICE CONGRESS IS OUT FOR TWO WEEKS RIGHT NOW,  Are they underground already???  I don't know.  BUT  HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.  FIRST,  TAKE PICTURES OF IT IMMEDIATELY,  SECOND GET A WITNESS TO SEE IT WHILE YOU ARE TAKING THE PICTURES....THIRD,  THEN TAKE A BAGGIE,  PULL THEM OFF WITH THE INSIDE OF THE BAGGIE SO YOU DO NOT TOUCH THEM WITH ANYTHING EXCEPT THE INSIDE OF THE BAGGIE.  RECORD THE TIME AND DATE YOU DID IT AND WHO WAS PRESENT, PROBABLY BEST TO HAVE TWO WITNESSES. FOURTH:  THEN TAKE THEM TO A LOCAL LAB BUT MAKE SURE ITS NOT TIED IN TO THE CDC OR ANY OTHER BANKER OWNED OR GOV RUN LAB. YOUR WITNESSES MUST COME WITH YOU TO BE ABLE TO SWEAR TO THE CHAIN OF CONTROL OVER THE EVIDENCE TO PROVE NO TAMPERING. I suggest calling a vet and finding out which lab they use. If you have animals, its going to affect them even worse since they are much smaller than we are..... coughing, deep wretching coughing is one of the symptoms and vomiting is another very high temperatures are another symptom with  chills and shaking, some have had to have a drip of antibiotics.   Then take the fibres to that lab and have it analyzed.   Do this all over the country.   Then we can coordinate actions from here with respect to our findings and how we are going to handle it.   I believe these are weapons of mass destruction and the only way to find out is to do this.  From there we get damn good and mad and finally get off our duffs and do something about this.  We can,  you know, we just have to believe it.   ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE SO IMAGINE WHAT MILLIONS OF US CAN DO.  ITS ALSO THE PROOF WE NEED TO FINALLY WAKE UP THE MASSES SINCE MANY OF THEM ARE THE ONES GETTING SICK FROM THIS STUFF.  ITS NOT RADIATION THAT IS THE PROBLEM RIGHT NOW, ITS THIS STUFF SINCE ITS AN IMMEDIATE ATTACK.  REMEMBER 89 "MICROBIOLOGISTS HAVE BEEN MURDERED SINCE 9-11, SO SOMETHING LIKE THIS WAS ALWAYS GOING TO BE THE CASE.... IS THAT WHY  WHEELER IS DEAD???  OH, AND REMEMBER, ITS THE SHADOW PRIVATE GOV THAT IS DUMPING USING EVERGREEN AIRLINES.   NOT THE GOVERNMENT.   That means the Rothschild khazars from Israel occupying our government at all key defense levels.

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - April 25, 2011

I.   Post:         David Icke - The Murder of Princess Diana (The Truth About The British Royal Family)

Vatic Note: These videos by DAVID ICKE, are amazingly informative.   I had no idea all the specifics of this murder of her.   ITS A MUST SEE ALL OF THESE.   This first video totally vindicates our position for over a year that the occult and satanism are prevalent at the highest levels of our governments and runs the NWO cabal.  The satanic way they murdered her is covered here.  SHE DID NOT DIE IN THE CAR ACCIDENT, SHE DIED FROM THEM NOT GETTING HER TO A HOSPITAL FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF.....   We just posted two blogs about the Royal Family and Diana's son, the future king of England, who gave us a satanic hand sign not to long ago that we posted on this blog.  We also speculated as to why they had to kill Diana since her son was now fully on board the Satanic train to darkness and it became clear when all of the occult dates, symbols and planning had become exposed, about "WHY" they had to do it.  The one blog we showed the Goddess Diana connection as well.   Now this shows up so very timely right after our postings which makes the subject fresh and adds an additional perspective which is far more educational than we have previous experienced. Its a rabbit hole we have only just begun to explore and what great goodies we are finding down that hole. It continually amazes me how much we did not know and how rapidly we are being educated. The subsequent videos have some of the same info, but a lot more detail on almost every aspect of the issue.   The occult part of this is very very enlightening and explains a ton about a lot of things.  Listen and see for yourself.

Everything is speeding up, for sure. Notice the deep connect of the windsor family to satanic lines in Europe related to the vampire family in Budapest, I believe, or Transylvania as its called,  as well as a reference to the child sacrifice satanic ring that got busted in Belgium, which vatic project included in a blog on satanism and how prevelant it is at the highest levels of society globally. Its something to keep in mind when considering giving up our power to these global satanists in their fascist NWO. Icke does, AS USUAL, an excellent job of putting it all together. Its great to have someone from Europe who is daily exposed to the system there as oppose to us here who seldom see or deal with it. It wasn't till just recently that I had found out that Germany (The Queen is a German/Khazar) has a Bohemian Grove at which they worship the owl god referenced in the Bible called Molech, that God specifically named as a god NOT TO BE WORSHIPPED BY THE ISRAELI'S.  Their grove is ancient and old. Anyway, enjoy the video, its well worth the time. and I suspect downloading it might be a good idea given the royal wedding is almost upon us with all its Beltrane rituals being planned.   ---  Click above link to see new videos and read more if the link does not work, then click on title..  

II. Post:                                         Alert: Whistleblowers Are Disappearing...Again


Vatic Note:  This series of videos hits all whistleblowers in every industry and its serious.  Remember how Cheney absolutely hated whistleblowers and once he was in office, is when they started to be either disappearing, killed, or otherwise prosecuted for doing so.   I like this reporter... he says it like it is.  He also blames us to some degree that we make it easy for the bad guys to do away with these people because we don't want to hear what they have to say because that means we have to do something about it and we simply do not want to do that.  He asks us to stand up and make noises about this, so lets begin with our blog here and everyone call congress (1-866-220-0044) both reps and senators and tell them what you are seeing on this article and videos and then insist that they sponsor whistleblower protection AND REMIND THEM OF DICK CHENEY AND RAHM EMMANUALS ASSASSINATION SQUAD OUT OF THE CIA AND MOSSAD..... TELL THEM THAT IS ILLEGAL AND CRIMINAL...WE WANT ISREAL COMPLETELY OUT OF OUR GOV INCLUDING ALL DUAL ISRAELI CITIZENS WITH A CONFLICT OF INTEREST TO ANOTHER NATION.    We want it stopped and now.... ok????  Thanks Lets see if we can't do somethng for these courageous whistleblowers that know the cost to them of spilling the beans as they have seen many die with no reaction from us.  Lets change that NOW.... and call                
Click on link or Title for more

III.  Post:
Dutch bank chief wins over US on new rules. IMF-Fed Takeover is Actually Implementation of Basel III


Vatic Note:  REMEMBER THE "DUTCH" ARE THE NETHERLANDS, HOME OF THE BILDERBERGS..... the cretins doing all this horror across the planet in concert with the Khazar Rothschild criminal cabal.   Well, here is our first piece of serious public treason by Geithner, the economic hitman for Goldman sachs and the IMF.  This is what he does.  Remember, his father,  Obama,  Obama's mother, and Geithner all worked for the CIA with no evidence any of them resigned.  Just a point that needs to be made.  I can now see why Kennedy tried to get control over CIA and when he couldn't he tried to do away with them.  One of the many reasons he was killed and now we can see why.  I am truly beginning to see how this works,  the 13 ruling families are the controllers and the CIA AND MOSSAD WORK FOR THEM, through  Rothschild who is one of the 13 families is the implimenter using Israel's fellow Khazars as the mafia operational arm of their criminal cabal.  The Queen of England is complicit with her Tavistock Group that does all the mind control, mass maniupulations and assassinations by the CIA and Mossad.  All of it is generationally paganistic or satanic and tied into ritual surrounding everything.  Now the lay out in Washington DC makes sense,  the dollar bill makes sense,  all of it makes sense,  we are simply the sleeping masses  WHO ARE STARTING TO WAKE UP and that is their seriously big problem.  The tiger is yawning and waking up.... wait til it sees who they intend to have for dinner.   They know this is happening  and we are beginning to know it.  Now it also explains depopulation.  They have been waiting and working for this for generations and this is the generation that is going to make it happen, THEY THINK.  However, watch David Ickes video that will be coming up later to day and see what I mean.   David is spot on about all this.  The evil ones may well be in for a rude awakening.  ANOTHER GLOBAL NEW WORLD ORDER PIECE PUT IN PLACE, ILLEGAL UNDER THE AMERICAN SYSTEM ... NOW WATCH CURRENCY COME RIGHT AFTER THIS.    Click on Link Above to read more  

IV.   Post:                                   Israel's Danny Rothschild and the Plundering of Iceland

Vatic Note:    Ok, here is another one messing with a blog they don't like, the rothschild khazar cyber chickenhawks  are messing with the script, the layout of the article, etc.... ignore how it looks and just read, they want this to look bad so you won't take it seriously.   I tried to fix it but apparently GOOGLE HAS LET THEM IN TO MESS WITH IT AND I CAN'T MAKE THE BUTTONS WORK NOW, SO JUST KEEP IT IN MIND WHEN READING THIS.   Read it anyway. it simply shows us what we have to  look forward to BOTH ON CENSORSHIP AND ESPECIALLY BANKING and how to deal with it, since Iceland is now doing well, with bankers in jail.  Kicked the rest  of them out of the country.  You go, Iceland.  This is what we need to do and soon  Click on link or title above for rest of story. 

V.   Post:          Minerals that Remove Radiation From Your Body: Zeolite, Bentonite & French Green Clay

Vatic Note:     WE ARE LEAVING THIS UP FOR A WHILE TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE HAS A CHANCE TO COPY AND DISTRIBUTE IT TO THEIR FRIENDS, FAMILIES AND NEIGHBORS.    Frankly,  I get tired of all the fear pumping, gloom and doom and horrors about extinction level events and especially with radiation.   We have provided tons of stuff for each of us to do to keep the radiation from creating illness within your body and now we are adding this because your soil for growing and water will need these things to prevent the radiation from being passed onto your foods and water and ingested which is then a real problem, so watch this and get what you need to ensure your own health.   Its just like the Gulf that was suppose to be an extinction event within 6 months and so far I can't find anyone on the ground who lives there experiencing any of the stuff they continue to say is happening.... so take it for what its worth.   I am not afraid since I believe what they are trying to distract us from is the planet on its way here causing all kinds of weather anomolies,  radiation, pole shiftng,  or its HAARP, but the clouds actually seem real.   They even look real.  lol  History shows that is not an extinction event coming upon us, even  if it is the planet.    I fear more the Khazars doing "The Sampson" option.... destroy the whole earth if they can't get what they want from us.  That is more likely what is happening then anything else.    But regardless,  if  we do these things that will protect and heal us, then their fear is wasted.   Click on link above to read the rest of Comment article. 

"POWER TO THE PEOPLE",John Lennon -   Listen to this song and you will understand why they had to kill John Lennon before they began this march down the fascist path.  This was a powerful song,  watch the video,  listen to the words and the power John had to convince people they were powerful.   We are, you know, we just don't see it (the evil ones spent a lot of money making sure we don't)  and that is why they killed those artists who could make us see it.   Now we have to see it for ourselves.  Listen, watch and enjoy.

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