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Federal Reserve Branch in San Antonio, TX Cutting Most of its Staff (and what exactly does that say?)... *LINK*

If the Fed is slowly shutting down its operations and if there's truth to the rumor that its Charter expires on December 21, 2011 or 2012, then it makes perfect sense why Ron Paul has never been afraid to call for an Audit or for it to be Abolished, since the only time he would be able to accomplish such a thing would be if he was the acting President. However, it's interesting that if the Charter DOES expire on that date then he would be saved the trouble of trying to get an Audit done or worry about the possibility of assassination as has happened to past Presidents who tried to bring it down.  If that turns out to be the case, then I would also find it extremely difficult to believe that Ron Paul didn't know about the expiration date all along, because he's certainly been in a position to be privy to that kind of information for many years now... I guess time will tell...

Fed Branch in S.A. Cutting Most Staff

71 of 84 jobs will disappear starting in June in restructuring...

The Federal Reserve plans to eliminate most of its workforce at its San Antonio branch by the end of this year as part of a previously announced restructuring.

The branch will shed 71 of 84 positions as the result of it outsourcing its cash department to an armored carrier. The cuts will start June 24.

There are no plans to close the branch.

All departments of the branch are impacted by the reductions except for public affairs and research, the latter headed by senior economist Keith Phillips. Blake Hastings, vice president in charge of the branch, will remain. Assistant Vice President Karen Diaz is retiring, said Alexander Johnson, a spokesman for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas...


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