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The OMG Cat Discovers 9/11 Was An Inside Job !!! :O *VID*

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The OMG Cat Discovers 9/11 Was An Inside Job !!! :O *VID*
Mocking the 911 truthers while 911 witnesses are taken out one by one?
Is there Anything you DON'T Twist into a Lie? Quite frankly I find it very Devious & Sinister, but then I consider the Source. *NM*
So what's the intention of the OMG Cat clip? Why the 'funny cat'? Who needs 'funny' dressings to grasp the ugly truth? Idiots? Mentally & morally deranged?
the advanced disease is called PMP, Periodic Maladroit Projectionitis: always throw onto others your own burden to deflect from oneself and to relief oneself - see hebrew invention of 'scapegoat cult' *NM*
I'll tell you what's SICK... using ANY EXCUSE to Mock & Criticize for That Purpose Alone. *NM*
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