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Silver Price Up 8.2% in One Week... *LINK*

Silver Price Up 8.2% in One Week - Gold Price Closes at 1503.20

April 21, 2011

Yet another week to stretch your credulity: the SILVER PRICE up 8.2%, the GOLD PRICE up 1.2%. No, those are not typos. All else besides seems anemic.

What has come clear this week? That Bernard O'Bama and Blundering Ben Bernanke are destroying the dollar, yes, stringing it up by the hooves, slitting its belly, and gutting it. Had I been a fly on the wall, I could now report when the decision was made in the Bushite administration to depreciate the dollar, and when Bernard and Ben decided they would fix the economy by eviscerating the dollar. Or mayhap there is some deeper conspiracy, some destroy the dollar and replace it with the Bongo or whatever Frankenstein currency our Great Ones desire. This much is clear: they balk not at stealing the wealth of every American by depreciating the dollar...


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Silver Price Up 8.2% in One Week... *LINK*
yup! Good one!! *NM*
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