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I do, I did, yes, as if this video was my voice, one voice and very very intense *NM*

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"Land Of The Stupid, Home Of The Freaking Screwed" (RANT) *VID*
Most of it also applies to Germanistan's zio-pussy Ang'la Murkell. But isn't his rant-style copied from Goebbels-Dee-Dyke & MAdHi :O? :D :( *NM*
Yes it does have a certain frothy-mouth Goebbels flavor to it, but I guess it's only natural since the German Ratliners took over America after WWII. :O? :D :( *NM*
Absurd! Since when is a 'total capitulation' a victory of the victims over the conquerors? Is black white and white black? Did the US Army invade Germany or the Wehrmacht occupy America? LOL! *NM*
BOTH! A Continuation of the Third Reich on TWO Continents instead of just ONE! And did not the Germans Totally Capitulate to the American 'Occupiers'? :O What's the Difference?? :D *NM*
That's news! WOW! Defeated NaSo Germany in cohouts with NaZi occupied US of A both ruled by Jesuit Rome & Racist Israel Headquarters, not? Close enough, so-to-speak? Schizoid worldview refuses? Wrong? *NM*
As I said and as fellow citizens who survived both world wars had told me. The rest is in official and in revisionist history books. I trust my own perceptions and personal reports of trustworthy. *NM*
Did the US Air Force carpet bomb German cities - filled with elderly, women and children - on genocidal purpose, with little military effect or was Luftwaffe raiding US cities? Mentally deranged???
I liked Joe Blow's video RANT much better... Must be like Deja Vu all over again, especially for older Germans watching Americans make the Same Stupid Mistakes. :O NOT Revisionist History... *VID* *PIC*
Shitzam what a rush, Absolutfknloutly profknfound post. *NM*
Do you feel personally addressed and personally included? :D *NM*
I do, I did, yes, as if this video was my voice, one voice and very very intense *NM*
like a constapation release, does this make since? I felt like...
... at least his gums don't itch :D *NM*
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