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Did the US Air Force carpet bomb German cities - filled with elderly, women and children - on genocidal purpose, with little military effect or was Luftwaffe raiding US cities? Mentally deranged???

And why didn't the Allied Murder Forces bomb the railway lines to Auschwitz when allegedly every German knew what was allegedly going on there against your beloved brethren. Didn't the US know back then? Or did they only learn two decades later after Spielbergs and Wiesels set their sick fantasies in scene? Were the US bomber commands too stupid? Or did they intentionally avoid to target the supporting railway lines to the concentration camps? Or did they in fact bomb the traffic lines to starve the prisoners to dead so that they could afterwards blame the Germans for the tragedy?

And also, a relatively small country like Germany with a lack of resources, two decades after the first lost world war, a quarter of its territory taken away, then in a second world war with more than 100 countries as declared enemies, this brave country had nothing else to do than focus on concentration camps instead of fighting the allied forces on all fronts?

Are you as stupid as most of the other anti-germanic blather thugs or just avoiding reasonable thinking on purpose?

Allied big yaps before 1945 were yelling thru their hateful press scribblers that it was a war to defeat Hitler and Fascism once and for all and thereby ending all wars. What a laughable scam! Those with the fascist insignia in congress!
What a lying cheating crap! What happened since 1945? In how many wars of destruction, theft and cowardly murder were these allies aka coalition forces engaged since then? You need several pages to list it all.

Libya in the last line, same game all over, same reasons, same methods.

Your anti-germanic hate propaganda is so laughable, so stupid and baseless,
but it's obvious, for whatever reason, you need the tingle of walking the zionist party-line, shiver, tremble.

BTW did you read the Chicago Manual of Good Journalism
linked at beforeitsnews?

Messages In This Thread

"Land Of The Stupid, Home Of The Freaking Screwed" (RANT) *VID*
Most of it also applies to Germanistan's zio-pussy Ang'la Murkell. But isn't his rant-style copied from Goebbels-Dee-Dyke & MAdHi :O? :D :( *NM*
Yes it does have a certain frothy-mouth Goebbels flavor to it, but I guess it's only natural since the German Ratliners took over America after WWII. :O? :D :( *NM*
Absurd! Since when is a 'total capitulation' a victory of the victims over the conquerors? Is black white and white black? Did the US Army invade Germany or the Wehrmacht occupy America? LOL! *NM*
BOTH! A Continuation of the Third Reich on TWO Continents instead of just ONE! And did not the Germans Totally Capitulate to the American 'Occupiers'? :O What's the Difference?? :D *NM*
That's news! WOW! Defeated NaSo Germany in cohouts with NaZi occupied US of A both ruled by Jesuit Rome & Racist Israel Headquarters, not? Close enough, so-to-speak? Schizoid worldview refuses? Wrong? *NM*
As I said and as fellow citizens who survived both world wars had told me. The rest is in official and in revisionist history books. I trust my own perceptions and personal reports of trustworthy. *NM*
Did the US Air Force carpet bomb German cities - filled with elderly, women and children - on genocidal purpose, with little military effect or was Luftwaffe raiding US cities? Mentally deranged???
I liked Joe Blow's video RANT much better... Must be like Deja Vu all over again, especially for older Germans watching Americans make the Same Stupid Mistakes. :O NOT Revisionist History... *VID* *PIC*
Shitzam what a rush, Absolutfknloutly profknfound post. *NM*
Do you feel personally addressed and personally included? :D *NM*
I do, I did, yes, as if this video was my voice, one voice and very very intense *NM*
like a constapation release, does this make since? I felt like...
... at least his gums don't itch :D *NM*
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