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Obama Approves Use of Predator Drones in Libya (Very Interesting...those PREDATOR DRONES...) *LINK*

Obama Approves Use of Predator Drones in Libya - "We are NOT at War with Libya"


We are not at war with Lybia, We're just going to bomb the shit out of them as a gesture.

The U.S. is not at war with Libya and has not taken sides, but President Obama nevertheless has signed off on the use of armed predator drones in the North African nation that has been torn by a weeks-old bloody conflict, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday.


President Obama Approves Use of Predator Drones in Libya...




Something to really think about here...

Predator Drones controlled by PRIVATE CARLYLE SUB-CONTRACTORS used in US

The department, through its Customs and Border Protection division, already operates five of the aircraft, known as the Predator B, along the Southwest border from a base in Arizona and the Canadian border from an installation in North Dakota.  

Like the drones used by the military, these drones can fly long ranges at high altitudes and are difficult to detect. But the drones that have been used at the border since 2005 are for surveillance and tracking and can be outfitted with tactical nuclear weapons, or hellfire missiles, etc. for false flag terrorist attacks which may be blamed on Iran, or a "homegrown" "cyber criminal/hacker/terrorist" that would actually be carried out by DHS and/or Northcom, or the Air Force Research Laboratory...




StratCom: The Fulcrum for Drone Warfare




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