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‘Prepare to Invade Israel,’ Hezbollah Leader Tells Followers (Nothing new, but a couple of Comments from Readers are too true...) *PIC*


< Go ahead. Israel will wipe them out -- unless Obama comes to the aide of the Hezbollah "freedom fighters." >

< He already has, he's behind the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt and Libya, both for control of oil resources for funding, and Egypt for unfettered access to the Gaza Strip. >

‘Prepare to Invade Israel,’ Hezbollah Leader Tells Followers

Beirut (AP) – Hezbollah's leader told his Shiite guerrilla group Wednesday to be prepared to invade northern Israel, a day after Israel's defense minister warned that the quiet along the tense border could erupt into violence.

The comments by the two sides illustrate the fragile situation along the frontier since they Israel and Hezbollah fought a bitter, six-week war in the summer of 2006. The war ended in a U.N.-brokered truce but officials on both sides of the border believe it is only a matter of time before hostilities resume...


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‘Prepare to Invade Israel,’ Hezbollah Leader Tells Followers (Nothing new, but a couple of Comments from Readers are too true...) *PIC*
Israel & Helpers spread false rumours as a pretense to invade and steal the water sources in Southern Lebanon? Second attempt after 5 years. Problem-Reaction-Solution-Tactics, see the hidden motif? :O
Luring readers to disclose identity while signing in at 'closed shop AP forum' just to read some comments ... by whom? Can't you sum up or/and quote with your words? Thanks but no thanks!? Will you? *NM*
Should I assume that Readers are too dumb to 'Sum Up' for themselves??? And they always have YOU to 'Sum Up' for them with your Brilliant & 'Illuminating' Replies. :) *NM*
You evade the main point and resort to personal attacks, nothing new then. Happy Easter, anyway! Have some sweet chocolate eggs and easter rabbits around. :D *NM*
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