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Turkey: Israel-Palestinian Peace Will Decide Fate of Arab Uprisings (So give it up Israelis, you're on the fast-track to Nowhere...) *PIC*

They will never give you peace.  It's a Lie and you know it.  No matter how many Peace Treaties you sign, no matter how many phony 'Palestinian' states are created, no matter how many asses you kiss, they won't be satisfied until you are GONE FROM THAT REGION FOREVER.  They KNOW the FACTS, but THEY DON'T CARE and you already know that.  You also know that if you ever left that region of the world, the Arabs would simply rip each other to shreds over that little strip of land you left behind.  The land would be soaked with Arab blood and then turn back into an ugly barren desert the same way you found it after WWII.  As for WHERE you could go, I think it's the responsibility of the U.S. to take you in because OUR government is directly responsible for the creation of your Israeli state and we've treated you like dirt behind the scenes ever since.  It doesn't make any difference that most people don't know for sure exactly what a Jew is or isn't or whether or not, God forbid, you've ever set foot in any banking establishment.  If you call yourself a Jew or you have any ancestors who called themselves Jews, then you're a pariah till the day you die.  And we can't have any Wandering Jews out there 'cause you might accidentally wander onto someone else's 'Holy Land', even though it's probably stolen land too, but no matter.  The 'Palestinians' already have a state called Jordan and the whole world knows it, but the world doesn't care about that either.  They want to be rid of all Jews -- DEAD -- GONE FOREVER.  Then they can all turn on each other the same way the Arabs would do.  There are real solutions to the problem, but you're going to settle for the NWO solution and we all know -- it's going to be a REAL Final Solution this time around...   

Turkey: Israel-Palestinian Peace Will Decide Fate of Arab Uprisings

In New York Times editorial, Turkish President Abdullah Gul says Israel must react to growing desire for Mideast democracy, adds it cannot afford to be perceived as an 'apartheid island' in an Arab-dominated region...


The Turkish President said that Israel, more than any country, needs to adapt to the new political climate of the region. "But it need not fear," he said, "the emergence of a democratic neighborhood around Israel is the ultimate assurance of the country’s security."

Gul said that in the coming 50 years there will be an overwhelming majority of Arabs in the combined regions of Israel and the existing Palestinian territories, comprised of a generation of pro-democratic Arabs. As such, he said, "sticking to the unsustainable status quo will only place Israel in greater danger."


Yeah...if it wasn't for those Jews... Undecided

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