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Exotic Warfare. Deployed. April 21st, 2011. STOP *LINK*


When you read this material, realize that ExoticWarfare is not implying that the named inventors have anything to do with what the Air Force or any other branch of our military is spraying in our skies. They just developed these spider silks. The military has its own laboratories. There is an amazing range of inventions that can be made from spider silks,  Goats are prone to nematodes. Wolbachia, a bacteria, is prevalent in spiders used for laboratory purposes. Wolbachia causes sterility in the males of the spider species.

They took a silk protein gene from a laboratory spider that could have been contaminated (we hope not) and put it into some milk goats that could have been contaminated (we hope not). Then, they harvest the silk proteins from the goat's milk and turn it into lots of things. Air Force chaff is just one product. Along with farming those silk fibroins, could they be accidentally harvesting genetic materials from nematodes, Wolbachia, germs, or other parasites?  

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