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Iran: ‘U.S. Power Grid Prime Target for Cyber Attack’ :O Hmmm...we hear ya, but... *PIC*

Come on Iran, unless you can find a way to make it look like Israel is going to stick it to the U.S., then don't waste your breath, because everyone knows that Muslims are peaceful & gentle as little lambs and unless YOU have the guts or the honesty to stand up & say who is really running YOUR country, then you too can sit down & shut up...  (tired of all the games & phony BS  Tongue out)

Iran: ‘U.S. Power Grid Prime Target for Cyber Attack’

Reports indicate a recent meeting of Iran's cyber warfare leaders concluded that our grids should be their primary target. They have also been discussing retaliation for Stuxnet...
On April 16, the head of Iranian cyberwarfare within Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Gholam Reza Jalali, officially blamed the U.S. and Israel for Stuxnet — a mysterious computer worm that has harmed Iran’s nuclear program. The Guard’s officials have repeatedly warned of retaliation: both for the assassinations of the Iranian nuclear scientists inside Iran, which they called acts of espionage, and for Stuxnet.

Reports from Iran indicate that during a recent meeting among Iran’s Revolutionary Guard commanders and Iranian scientists, America’s vulnerabilities for a cyber attack were discussed. They concluded that the U.S. power grids represent the best opportunity for such attacks, as more U.S. utilities are moving their control systems to the Internet and using smart-grid technology...



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