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The Transition Zone: Crossing Over by Lauren Gorgo *LINK* *PIC*

TheZone: Transition crossing over

Early last week I faintly heard these words one morning at dawn: "Hearken! It is high time to release the wounds of the purification process".

I remember thinking to myself in that hazy pre-wake state…"wow, wouldn't that be nice." Then I woke up. I lazily oriented myself to my surroundings, noticed the usual heavy feelings of cellular detoxification accompanied by the same ole aches and pains, and quickly fell back to sleep thinking…"as if."

A few days later I sat down to type this message from the unseens:

"It is high time for the path-pavers of new-humanity to release the wounds of the purification process."

Immediately I was brought back to the morning I first heard (but ignored) those words, tho this time with the realization that a new energy update was trying to be born…so I kept typing:

"You will notice that you can effortlessly slip into a much higher vibration if you allow yourself to accept this truth fully, within your full being. When you permit yourself to release the remaining struggle, you create the space required for a new reality to be birthed."

Letting Go

First of all, a quick shout-out to the warrior brigade...

For those of you on the front line...the 1st infantry division... I don't have to tell you that its been nothing but a struggle since 2001. Granted, not everyone has had the same planetary ascension J-O-B...we are scattered all over the world with different missions of service...but this particular group of spiritual soldiers (you know who you are) has been responsible for, among other things, clearing (thru their own lives and bodies) the genetic (karmic) miasms of various familial, cultural, racial, sexual, gender, religious, spiritual & new age collectives.

This group willingly submerged themselves in the densest energies of polarity (separation) with the sole task of finding their way back to neutrality (oneness) and along the way have been purifying these lineages, in some cases, since birth.

These starseed mercenaries have been fighting, climbing and swimming upstream against a myriad of indoctrinated be-lie-f structures for so long that many have built (necessary) walls of protection and created callouses from condemnation, societal/familial backlash, harassment, and even modern-day persecution from those steeped so deeply in convention.

This group is the A-team, the next generation of leaders, and tho recognition may never come for the dedication, sacrifice and service to this planet and her people, no matter...validation is not what this soul group is after. This tribe is wired for one thing and one thing only: FREEdom...and with that comes the understanding, based on enormous personal challenge, that the only real reward in life is deliverance from fear. All else is superfluous in comparison which ensures the warrior's focus is strong, unwavering, and that they are fully committed to becoming the living examples of full human potential.

Which brings us to the next level of letting go...

Part of the ongoing ascent in consciousness is the realization that we cannot get stuck in any phase of growth or purpose...including and especially the "spiritual phase". We must continually move onward and upward and resist the desire to overly-identify or latch onto any process, role, mission of service, group collective, or be-lie-f structure. The minute we attach to a phase, process, label, group, or way of thinking, we lose our freedom and stifle our creative power.

The point of conscious co-creation is to live in the moment...to create our every next moment from the moment that preceded it. The ascension "process" teaches us that we are not here to own or hold experiences, but to fluidly move thru them so as to continually embrace the next experience...and the next, and the next. The same holds true for those front line warriors here to dismantle the old paradigm...the fighting phase is over...time to put down the swords, remove the armor and align with the next leg of the journey.

Many of us, and this group in particular, are now in the "process" of merging our lower four-body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) with our higher self, or divine blueprint ...which will, by default, magnetize a whole new perceptual and physical reality. This new dwelling space will provide each of us the opportunity to forget about and move on from all the challenges of pregnancy and the pains of childbirth...but only when we are willing to let go of the fighting phase.

The celestial forces of this month in particular, but especially since the 9th wave activation, have been helping us to slowly let our guards down and feel safe enuf to be true so we can boldly & confidently take our next steps into the unknown. During the first three weeks of April we have all been tested, in one profound way or another, to see if we could be held accountable for our choice to really let go...not only of struggle, but of all past programming which will enable us to fully release our pain-body.

Letting Go Some More

Our new lives are smack-dab in the middle of being (re)birthed in the physical dimensions and so this month has been supplying us with the opportunity…thru the support (read: tests) of some powerful celestial activity…to also let go of every. last. shred. of resistance to what-is…which, BTW, includes the be-lie-f that we will endure this painful "process" forever.

April has been asking us to make the final choice to tune-out of the old frequency of pain, fear and struggle so we can fully tune-into the new frequency of grace. It's not as if our doubt, or focus on our pain will inhibit the birth of the new, its just that we risk overlooking the subtle emergence of ease if we continue to be-lie-ve that what we truly desire cannot be true. In other words…as we step into the second half of this year and begin to apply ourselves in more physical ways, any continual focus on struggle or resistance to what-is, will greatly hinder us and revive unnecessary suffering in the coming days, weeks & months of rapid expansion.

This isn't to say that we must ignore, avoid or repress the discomfort we feel... the discomfort is real. The baggage we need to dump here is the resistance to the discomfort…that which creates suffering. This is just another fancy way of saying "presence" or "neutrality"…and the unseens are hammering in my brain that its time now, rather, now we have the support to step fully into ourselves and that means letting go of any remaining attachments...including the ascension horrors...I mean, process.

NOTE: Just to be clear…especially for those who wish I would glaze over the goo… I use humor & irreverence as a way to punch holes thru the veil…to remind us in our darkest moments that life is still a game, even when it sucks…but mostly, to help us continually detach from the "process", not to dwell upon it. When we can dig up our self-created goo and laugh at the horror of it all, we are less than an inch away from moving beyond it...so it pays to poke fun at ourselves. And the reason humor is my drug of choice is because laughing is the most powerful form of presence, of alignment, of transcendence, that I have yet to experience in this life. As someone who has spent many, many years sitting in my own sticky goo, I assure you that a light-heart-ed approach to such a heavy journey will yield more powerful results than any reverence or prayer ever could. It's just science.

Letting Go Even More Than That

I mentioned in the last energy update that this month was a demarcation point…it is actually a transition zone and THE month to make our choices final...to fully align ourselves with our new, true direction…to bring ourselves completely out of the past and immerse ourselves completely in the present, so we can co-create our future. This period has been bizarre at best... mostly because, but not limited to the fact that we are experiencing two realities at once.

Its the same ole foot in both worlds scenario...where we have access to the old and the new simultaneously...but on steroids. You know you are on the cusp of a major breakthru if you are sitting somewhere in the middle of 2 conflicting feelings...like you may be feeling worried, yet at peace…excited, yet calm…doubtful, yet full of hope…isolated, but connected…sick, but well…chaotic, yet balanced…bored, but inspired.

Its a total mind trip but because we're in the passage of crossing over (what I like to think of as the proverbial tunnel) we're actually coming full circle where the end and beginning meet each other... where death is really rebirth...and we can absolutely feel both at once.

This transition phase is so similar to physical death in so many ways, but the most obvious is that we are required to let go of every. single. attachment...period.

During the month of March, I had the honor and priveledge of helping to care for my great Aunt during her physical transition to the "other-side". Not only was I called to be a caretaker, but I was also asked on a higher level to serve as an ambassador of unconditional love... to stand in as an anchor and help to hold a sacred space for her complete metamorphosis...to act as a midwife to her re-birth and finally, on the last day, to act as an usher or "transition guide" to help her cross over on her graduation day.

I could go on for weeks about the ways in which this beautiful experience changed me...about how graceful & dignified my precious aunt was in her final moments...about how she taught everyone that loved her something different, not only about themselves and the "process" of death, but about who she really was in life: a divinely feminine warrior of love with great inner strength and a fearlessness that can only be found within...traits, I might add, that are only visible to those who have eyes to see.

But what really struck a chord with me was the clear reflection I saw of each and every one of us on this journey of rebirth...the inner-strength we all must tap into as we learn to let go of layer after layer of attachment so that our true selves can emerge and shine in the physical world.

As I watched all attachments fall from my aunt's grasp I realized that I was being gifted with the opportunity to witness this beautiful soul surrender a lifetime of idiosyncrasies...before my eyes. All the walls of protection that we use to safeguard our hearts melted away in her frailty & fatigue...and in the end, all that was left was the pureness, the soft yet overwhelmingly powerful radiance of love within her...that same inner-beauty that fought for an entire lifetime to reveal itself fully.

Then of course it was MY turn to let go, to release my attachments to her physical presence and yes, it was painful ...but oddly, not in the old-human way. The pain I experienced was not so much the pain of loss, per say, but the more like the pain of expansion...of taking in so much love with an open heart...of being in such close proximity to divinity that my cells could barely contain it all at once.

More than anything, my aunt's transition represented to me the outer-manifestation of such a long inward journey. For her, the journey was a lifetime. For many of us, the journey was about 354 lifetimes packed into 12 years plus the compression of time which...when all is said and done...really equals about 15.5 minutes in new earth time.

Speaking of the compression of time... is anyone else already feeling the pressure to Christmas shop? ; ))

What Next?

April has been been no walk in the park by any standards, but if you embraced the inward process of review fully, you may suddenly be spellbound by the provocative growth, awareness, and insights that came oozing out of this Mercury retrograde. We still have a few days left in its wake, (and we are still in need of self-nurturing) but the great messenger offered us some huge chunks of potentially life-changing information along the way. Those vital pieces to our cosmic puzzles that we have been waiting a very long time for may have made their way to your front door this month…those same pieces that will finally enable us to move forward and apply ourselves in a whole and complete way.

These new pieces of information that we are now integrating will serve as the boarding passes to our new lives…those material manifestations required to blast off into our new directions with our new (higher-level) purpose. By the time Mercury goes direct on Saturday, we will be prepared to take our next steps…those steps that are now aligned with our inner and outer selves…and forward movement will commence again, albeit at a completely new level. Collectively, we are stepping into a new level of human potential…one that is multidimensional, masculine/feminine integrated, and with new (cosmic) awareness that leads us to do new things in new ways...ways that are fully aligned with our authentic (core) selves.

This integration and alignment with the cosmic forces of creation is bringing us from where we are to where we are going..but the height to which we will be able to soar and the breadth of our flight is wholly contingent upon our light-ness of being.

"Realize that there is no more separation between who you are and who you want to be." -Pleiadians

This month we have been undergoing a massive upgrade on all levels of our being so we can take our next (first) steps as co-creators in total alignment where we can finally and fully think with our hearts!

One More for the Road...

In keeping consistent with this entire update (aka, hammering it into your brain)...remember that the only thing required to embrace and ride the new wave of love is to let go, let go, let go.

And when we are fully able to release all wounds, and the thoughts of resistance that keep those wounds alive, we will also experience a rapid transformation of our physical bodies. I realize that it has been a long road to this point, and I also realize that there are many parts of us that are accustomed to pain, suffering, and limitation. Because of this, I am hearing that "this will be the biggest leap of faith required."

But our willingness to just BE (to release expectations, fears, and preconceived ideas of what will-be) is all that is/was ever required to shift…and this shift is happening now with or without our participation. We all have the choice to lock in, to click into place right now and in order to do this, we must simply tune out of the old separation matrix and tune into the new unity grid..which is live, active and waiting for our participation.

"What will leave you with is this: NOW is the only time you ever need to be free... yet, and before you lash out in frustration, realize that it took each of you and the collective of humanity until NOW, to integrate this truth. So, essentially, NOW you can freely use every NOW moment to be free! As you accumulate these NOW moments, you live life in an effortless flow of NOW-ness". -The Seven Sisters of Pleiades

To reemergence!



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