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It's Power, It's Money Honey! ..... And they are money hungry! ... *LINK*

It's all about the slave oil trade. You dont' need to understand too much of the political issues behind it. Native communities in rural areas have always been the target of mining companies, destruction of natural resources, alcohol and physical abuse, experimentation and genocide. Their traditional life line has been destroyed. (What's the saying, "Create the problem then offer the solution"?)




Native communities around the tar sands are dying from cancers that are rarely seen in populated cities. The government was not listening to them. Most of Canada has not a clue what is going on way up north  there. These areas have had their water poisoned. it is not fit for drinking. Fish have 2 heads and cancer pouring out their sides. Now enter this company, "H2O pros"? coming in saying we will save you with this great water filtration system, so we can have our big money cake (Tar Sands) and eat it too (keep the native Indian chiefs happy). It is not just the Tar Sands - many remote communities were being approached with this offering. Thank God for APTN (Aboriginal Peoples' Television Network), for doing their investigative study, for over turning a few rocks and presenting this to parliament and main stream media. And actually main stream media is doing a rather great job covering this after APTN brought it to the fore front.


All sounds great on the surface, but the end plan behind the deal is only to profit more TPTB. They really care little about assisting. Another scheme, more money money money.


And if you saw the lengthier version of interview at APTN (link was provided at bottom in my original post "APTN Uncut"),  there are many shady goings on with this company. It's a story of the Canadian version of Al Gore and Clinton. Who's sleeping with who- like we are talking about a smitten 66 year old man (A recent Harper advisor) and a 22 year old hooker, ( now really! tell me who she is working for?), who are running the show here. The longer version does connect the dots to all your questions. Another divergence scandal pulling away from the real big issue here - OIL & Profit! (that gives the Harperites hard-ons!) Canada has lost its good guy reputation in the eyes of the rest of the world.




I have posted the link to this documentary a few times previously on TNT (to fully understand the polluting going on the planet as a result of the Tar sands ... here it is again.)




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My first post of this info never hit the board. Wiped out gone..... APTN (Aboriginal channel) interviewed PM's advisor Bruce Carson scandal ...hookers, tar sands, water. Good investigation!!! Caught *LINK*
Scandal Rocks Key Player in Canada's Oil Sands PR Push *LINK*
Sounds like U.S. politics, but I don't understand all of the issues with the Water & Tar Sands. I also think that the U.S.-Canadian Gov't Relationship is kept well-hidden from the Public. *NM*
It's Power, It's Money Honey! ..... And they are money hungry! ... *LINK*
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