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Yes... and it's easy to see HOW you Defend your Country & your Culture... So Rich in Tradition... So Full of Pride ... :D *PIC*

Violent Neo-Nazis on the March in Germany


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Giant UFO Over Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in German News Footage? *PIC*
Multiple UFOs Sighted in Japan the Past Month
Stupid: Mighty AdHi's (madhi) krautsaucer fleet did it, to make yakUSA (yankee USA) look bad & bash poor juicies one more time for StucksNet/ICTS HAARP tsunami in the dark. You never learn, so sad! :O *PIC*
I don't buy the UFO CRAP & Stated So, now why don't you STOP with your DECEPTIVE & IGNORAMUS Replies? *NM*
Maybe because I defend my country, my culture, my ancestors from the persistent cheats, lies & deceptions of your beloved haughty super-chosen swindlers and their obsessed anti-germanic web gofers? *NM*
Yes... and it's easy to see HOW you Defend your Country & your Culture... So Rich in Tradition... So Full of Pride ... :D *PIC*
Secret Service Ballyhoo to impress and dis-inform gullibles like you! Paid Punks Posing as 'national democrats' - so you think these chosen actors are representative for Germany? You are lost!
So... GERMANY plays the same stupid games all other countries play... :D *PIC*
Or is it just my 'sense of humor' to shed some light onto the darkening, depressing moon-shadows? Who knows! *NM*
Or...casting moon-shadows may counteract demons appearing as 'angels of light' :O *NM*
You don't 'buy it' nevertheless you promote it in your headline? Or is it a real question for the public? If so, why should I not react and try to help you out of your dilemma? Lil bit wicked thou :D *NM*
GERMANS were the ones PROMOTING it on Behalf of your Beloved PAPA? & with All DisCERNment from Observation Posts, I'm sure... :D *NM* *PIC*
FYI: I quit religious indoctrination at high-school despite great pressure and disadvantages then I quit the protestant church completely. I took the social retributions. How about you?
I quit 'religion' when I was 15 yrs. old, but I didn't quit God. Funny how you can 'dish it out'...but you 'can't take it.' And your 'sense of humor' I don't understand. *NM*
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