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THE KHAZAR MYTH: Origin & Fraud of the Mythical Khazarian Jew *LINK*

Will the Truth change the Jew-hating mind?  I doubt it.  Some people love Lies the way children love candy and that's ALL they want to feed on.  Not only that, but just presenting them with the Truth makes them Angry... I've heard Christians say that the most difficult people to convince that Jesus Christ is their long-awaited Messiah are the Jews.  You'd think they would be the easiest to convince and indeed the very first Christians WERE Jews.  But all that changed didn't it?... and little wonder.  If I was a Jew, not knowing any more about the history of true Christianity than most Jews have ever been exposed to, I too would reject Jesus as the Messiah and want nothing to do with Christians and for one reason... and it still stands today as the biggest obstacle separating the Jews from Jesus Christ...

Origin of the Creation of the Mythical Creature Known as the Khazarian Jew

The myth of the Khazarian Jew is one of absolute, utter nonsense, but is also surprisingly believed to be true by many in the alternative realm of media. It's the idea that the Jews of lighter, fairer skin we see today are mostly, if not entirely, descendant from a nation of people which existed very near where Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan are today called Khazaria.

The idea of the Khazarian Jew first came from a French-born Philosopher named Joseph Ernest Renan. Joseph Renan was a man who lived during the 1800s, and was brought up with a Roman Catholic background. Ernest Brenan, most of his young Catholic adult life, pursued an education in the Catholic schools he entered. His goal first was to become a Catholic priest, but he later decided that he did not wish to become a priest anymore...

[Friedrich] Nietzsche may sympathize with France, but he is no sympathizer of Renan. Nietzsche felt Renan's ideas were irreconcilable in their contradictions; and thus he attacked him on the basis of his writing style, which is rich of Catholic-laced persuasion and bravado. — Is Renan's antisemitism still surprising?

Origin & Fraud of the Mythical Khazarian Jew

Alleged Khazar Ancestry of Ashkenazim

The theory that all or most Ashkenazi ("European") Jews might be descended from Khazars (rather than Semitic groups in the Middle East) dates back to the racialism of late nineteenth century Europe, and was frequently cited to assert that most modern Jews aren't descended from Israelites and/or to refute Israeli claims to territory also sought by Palestinians. It was first publicly proposed in lecture given by Ernest Renan on January 27, 1883, titled "Judaism as a Race and as Religion." It was repeated in articles in The Dearborn Independent in 1923 and 1925, and popularized by racial theorist Lothrop Stoddard in a 1926 article in the Forum titled "The Pedigree of Judah", where he argued that Ashkenazi Jews were a mix of people, of which the Khazars were a primary element. Stoddard's views were "based on nineteenth and twentieth-century concepts of race, in which small variations on facial features as well as presumed accompanying character traits were deemed to pass from generation to generation, subject only to the corrupting effects of marriage with members of other groups, the result of which would lower the superior stock without raising the inferior partners." This theory was adopted by British Israelites, who saw it as a means of invalidating the claims of Jews (rather than themselves) to be the true descendants of the ancient Israelites, and was supported by early anti-Zionists.

In 1951 Southern Methodist University professor John O. Beaty published The Iron Curtain over America, a work which claimed that "Khazar Jews" were "responsible for all of America's — and the world's — ills beginning with World War I". The book repeated a number of familiar antisemitic claims, placing responsibility for U.S. involvement in World Wars I and II and the Bolshevik revolution on these Khazars, and insisting that Khazar Jews were attempting to subvert Western Christianity and establish communism throughout the world. The American millionaire J. Russell Maguire gave money towards its promotion, and it was met with enthusiasm by hate groups and the extreme right. By the 1960s the Khazar theory had become a "firm article of faith" amongst Christian Identity groups. In 1971 John Bagot Glubb (Glubb Pasha) also took up this theme, insisting that Palestinians were more closely related to the ancient Judeans than were Jews...

The theory gained further support when the novelist Arthur Koestler devoted his popular book The Thirteenth Tribe (1976) to the topic. Koestler's historiography has been attacked as highly questionable by many historians; it has also been pointed out that his discussion of theories about Ashkenazi descent is largely unsupported; to the extent that Koestler referred to place-names and documentary evidence his analysis has been described as a mixture of flawed etymologies and misinterpreted primary sources. Commentors have also noted that Koestler mischaracterized the sources he cited, particularly D.M. Dunlop's History of the Jewish Khazars (1954)...


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