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How Supporters of Palestinian Terrorism Are Murdered & Raped by Their Palestinian Sponsors *LINK*

How Supporters of Palestinian Terrorism Are Murdered and Raped by Their Palestinian Sponsors

From:  FrontPageMagazine.com
by Steven Plaut  
Apr 18th, 2011

The media and the cyber-world are all abuzz this week over the Palestinian-perpetrated murder of an Italian communist and cheerleader for terrorism.  An accomplice to Islamist terrorism, the “victim” was one Vittorio Arrigoni.  He evidently found himself in the middle of a turf war between Hamas and another genocidal Islamist organization.  The rival terrorist group is being described by the media alternatively as an al-Qaeda branch or as “Salafists,” meaning Islamist fundamentalists led by Saudi Arabian Wahhabis.  But I think it is more likely they are simply a front for the “Islamist Jihad” Palestinian terror group.

Arrigoni was sent to Gaza to assist the Islamist terrorists by the pro-terror International Solidarity Movement or ISM, the same group that once sent Rachel Corrie into Gaza to collaborate with terrorists and obstruct Israeli anti-terror operations.  One of the more amusing pastimes this week has been watching radical leftist groups try to “make sense” of the “senseless” murder of Arrigoni.  Many of these folks simply blame Israel and Jews, reverting to their knee-jerk anti-Semitic instincts.   Others just whine and wring their hands over the “tragedy.”

So just why did the Islamists murder Arrigoni?  The answer is simple: These fanatics believe that everyone who is not a Muslim, and especially not a Muslim of their own particular fundamentalist genre, is an infidel, an enemy, someone deserving death.  It does not matter in the least that the infidel in question has come to Gaza to assist the terrorists.  In the case of Arrigoni, it did not even matter that he had tattoos on his body endorsing their terrorism.  The “bewilderment” being expressed by the ISM and its amen chorus, along with Arrigoni’s Stalinist Italian groupies, is simply further indicative of how little these people know about the Middle East...


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